August Goals - Updated

31 Aug 2014

This month went so incredibly fast. I blinked and it was over. Probably due to how much I worked. Which means September is going to go even faster..

1. Stress Less - DONE (pretty much)

Okay I wanted to stress less, which I'm going to say was successful, but I also wanted to meditate daily which did not happen. In fact I basically forgot almost immediately. Whoops. I'm going to have to repeat this goal for September though.. 

2. Start Booking my Holiday - DONE!

Woo hoo! We totally did start booking! In fact I blogged about it here! All of our flights are booked and paid for and we are super excited. 

3. Post / Blog More Often - DONE

Hella yeah! If you look at my archives list down the bottom, you'll see that I've posted the most this month ever! Woop, let's keep it up!

4. Watch Downton Abbey Season 4 - DONE

I basically watched & finished this season right at the beginning of August. It never takes me as long as I think it will. Love this show. 

5. Find time to read a book - EHH NO..

So technically I did find time to read a book, but instead I watched the final two seasons of True Blood, which you know is based on a book series (Sookie Stackhouse novels). So kind of? I do need to read more though, because I do enjoy it. 

6. Save at least 60% of my Wage (again!) - DONE!!!

I did put quite a dint in my savings this month anyway from paying for flights in February, but I still managed to save *drumroll please* 71% of my wage! Wowza. Working a lot has it's perks, lots of money and no time to spend it. Except for that one morning where I spent a heap of money before I went to work and then more online when I got home. But that was one day! One day out of the whole month. I'm super proud of me. 

Tomorrow is September 1st! Look's like I'll have to come up with some new goals... 

Banana + Oat Biscuits

29 Aug 2014

These cookies are super simple and actually are quite delicious. Also they only take like 15 minutes in total to make! That is one speedy snack creation.

Dealing with Shitty People

28 Aug 2014

Unfortunately dealing with shitty people is something that should be classified as a Life Skill. Because it doesn't matter what age you are or where you are in life. You will come across shitty people.

It will be a school kid in kindergarten stealing your coloured pencils, grade school kids not letting you sit with them. Bitches in high school not inviting you places. And it gets easier once you leave school. You are not forced to be with a significant amount of people every single week day that you more or less hate or just do not get along with. Then you move into the workplace, and the shitty people will be your fellow coworkers or god damn it they will be the customers. Always the customers.

(This post isn't about dealing with shitty customers though. That's a whole other ballgame.)

One of the worst situations though can be when the shitty person is part of your general friend group. Especially when all of your other friends love them. This seems to happen an annoying amount, whether the rest of the friend's group just never see's their rotten side or perhaps they just enjoy all those shitty qualities.

Ways to Go About It

  • Say Something to Them (for the Brave): Stand up for yourself! Say something! It's easier to say you should do this than to actually do it. Confront them, what's your problem buddy. Why are you such a jerk. etc. Say something at the time that they're actually doing something or confront them when they least expect it.
  • Have Someone Else Say Something (for the less brave): If another friend is feeling charitable, you can get them to say something to the friend (frenemy?) for you. Ask them what their deal is, maybe tell them to stop being such a jerk. It would also be handy if a friend could stick up for you at the time, but come on this never happens.
  • Ignore Them: A common method. Maybe it's the hardest? Just because you're ignoring it doesn't mean it's not happening and that it's not affecting you. Continue living your life just avoiding that asshole. If that person is in your workplace or friends group this can be really tough. There's not much to this step. It's just crappy.
  • Get Revenge: Let the air out of their tyres. Burn their house down. Steal their dog (and adopt and love it as your own! You'll care for that pooch better than they ever would.) Snap all their pencils. "Accidentally" drop their iPhone and/or iPad underneath your car. Romance and steal away their beloved.

If you're feeling really down or hopeless because of how some shitty person is treating you, please tell someone. Tell someone who cares, someone who can help, someone that's not going to call you weak or stupid or make fun of you. (If they do that here's a newsflash, they're a shitty person too)

Everyone has to deal with shitty people at some points in their lives, but remember it doesn't last forever, it's not permanent and you can escape. Stay Strong!

Cya x

Booking Our Holiday - Part 1

26 Aug 2014

Woohoo! We have finally booked the first part of our holiday to North America and I'm so excited! Look how cute we are standing with our moneys underneath the picture of North America, our lovely travel agent Rachel from STA Travel Kotara. She was really good and just as excited to book our holiday as we were.

We had to withdraw the money in cash so that we wouldn't get charged a fee for using our debit card. Which is really weird in my opinion. The banks' rule not the travel agency's.

Anyway our flights are booked!

Here's our itinerary. 

Depart Sydney - Feb 1st
Arrive in Los Angeles - Feb 1st (gotta love that time difference)

Depart Los Angeles - Feb 4th
Arrive in Mammoth Lakes - Feb 4th

Depart Mammoth Lakes - 8th Feb
Arrive in San Francisco - 8th Feb

Depart San Francisco - 13th Feb
Arrive in Portland - 13th Feb

Depart Portland - 17th Feb
Arrive in New York City - 17th Feb

Depart New York City - 24th Feb
Arrive in Los Angeles - 24th Feb

Depart Los Angeles - 24th Feb
Arrive in Sydney 26th Feb (damn that time difference)

I'm so excited! More updates to come.

Cya x

Let's Buy Stuff

23 Aug 2014

I post a lot of wishlists, and I recently just rambled how I don't even want anything. Well maybe I don't know what I want until I see it? Yes.
Here are a few of my purchases. I only layby'd the bag though as I want it for when I go to America. It's a handy size.

1. Law of the Wild Bag - Status Anxiety
2. The Shining Pants - RES Denim
3. Hunting Call Tank - MinkPink

Also another striped MinkPink top, thats more casual. I finally bought those Posh Windsor Smith shoes to wear to Josh's sisters wedding.  Dancing Groot from etsy and the newest Nancy Drew game because they had a half price sale. It's downloading now.

 & I bought Sarah a lil gift + card. ;)

I was talking about my savings and saving money last night and I am very good at saving but never had a set amount that I had to save per week. I just saved a lot of my pay. We worked out that I can and should save at least $300 a week. & If I do that from now until February 1st (when I go on Vacation), I will have saved an extra $6,600.

My current goal is to have fully paid for my holiday flights and accommodation, and have $2,000 spending money. Then still have $10,000 in the bank for when I get back to move into our new place.
I think sitting down and working it all, and deciding how much I should be able to save in that time made it more stressful, like oh you have to save $300 a week now don't spend too much! When in reality I had been saving about $600 a week anyway. But today I spent $450 on stuff. So. Yes.

Which seems like heaps, but my Spendee app tells me that I've saved 71% of my wage this month. Which is really really good. Go me!

Cya x

Payday Wishlist 21/8

21 Aug 2014

If I don't want very much every pay day, does that make me not greedy or just indecisive?

Saying No to Gifts + Starting Clutter Free!

19 Aug 2014

I may not have always been organised and dedicated to being clutter free, but I am now, and that's all that matters. One of the things that I have been looking forward to doing, when moving out (lamely enough) is not taking with me any junk at all! Using it as the best opportunity to rid myself of all junk and clutter and either throw it out or sell it or even donate it to charity.

I know that it's very easy to collect "crap" over time. Short or long periods. You keep it around, you may even organise it neatly but it's still there, and a lot of time it's super useless.

One of the biggest challenges for me, and one that still continues to plague me, is gifts.
Graciously and gratefully accepting gifts from your nearest and dearest family members is my largest contributor to clutter in my home, well my room for now.

A great example of this is perfumes. Wow. I just threw out so much perfume, that I had acquired over time as gifts, that I had never used. All of it lovely and most designer, but why bother keeping around perfume that I am literally never going to wear. Some of those I never even got to.
I have maybe 3 perfumes that I love and use daily. I have never even bought myself perfume. Why would I go out and spend money on this when I keep receiving new ones every year, without even requesting any. I still have around 10 left. They all smell lovely. I do not need 10.

The thing with saying no to gifts, is you have to have some idea when they're coming. My mum recently returned home with a perfume for me that she loved so she bought one for herself and one for me too. That's very nice, I do really appreciate it, but please I already have so many, stop. You can't really put your foot down when you don't even know a gift is going to occur.

My newest problem is with accepting gifts to add to my collection of stuff for moving out. I love homewares, and I have already collected a few of my own things for when I move in with my partner in March next year. I unfortunately already have two dinnerware sets and two cutlery sets. With lots of other crap thrown in.

I've been receiving doubled up gifts from my mother and my boyfriend's mother, which of course is a disaster. As well as an incredibly large cutlery set from Target from my Dad's parents, and then the super lovely set that I bought. Not to mention the random assortment of items that I've received that I really don't want to take with me but HOW DO I DO THAT WITHOUT OFFENDING PEOPLE?

Obviously if the gifts are from people who will likely never visit then that is completely fine, screw them, I don't want your ugly gifts. Unfortunately when the gifts are from close family members that will visit what are you suppose to do. I'm sorry Mum but I want lovely salt and pepper grinders, not penguin ones, even though they are cute, and I'm not sure why you bought me that Babushka doll mug set? Mostly though that damn wire chicken shaped basket that I always laughed at. It wasn't a laugh of "yes please I want this in my home."

Maybe people should stop buying me gifts altogether. How about a gift voucher?

Cya xx

2015 Frankie Diary + Calendar !

14 Aug 2014

These two beauties are now available for preorder through the Frankie Website.

An annual release, that sell out with great speed, way before the new year even begins. It's no wonder, with both illustrated and designed by wonderful artists, both pieces are something to cherish for the entire year.

The calendar can be preordered here, and will be delivered early October.

The 2015 Diary can be preordered here, and will also be sent out early October.

But hey if you decide not to preorder, or just leave it super late, you can always buy one from eBay next year for a bit over double the price. That's right, these babies selling out is annual occurence so much so that people use them as an investment.

I've already ordered my calendar! I cherish the one that I have this year and plan to keep a few pages to frame once the year is done.

Cya x

The New Foursquare: And Why You Should Love it!

13 Aug 2014

Foursquare has always been one of my all time favourite apps. Which is probably surprising as hardly any of my friends have it, and I live in a mostly regional area which means not as many people to add places, rate them and leave helpful tips.

Whenever I would venture into the city, I would make good use of Foursquare using it to discover new places, tips about certain areas and leave my own tips for others. To me it was never about the check ins, the badges or the mayorships. That was just a cool bonus, but obviously for (some) others not so much.

There has been a lot of hate surrounding the new Foursquare app, especially it's decision to split into two apps. With check ins now on a separate app called Swarm. The removal of unlocking badges as well as no more overall mayorships, just ones between friends, have caused a public outrage. With nasty reviews, tweets and facebook rants, complaining that they will delete the app and never return because of the changes.

Payday Wishlist 6/8

6 Aug 2014

  1. Polar Opposites Earrings - Angle Diamond Dot
  2. Emerald City Night Shirt - Peter Alexander
  3. Dachshund Letter Organiser - Modcloth
  4. Lady Coat - Handsom
  5. Bear Cub Oven Mitts - Modcloth
  6. Posh Heels - Windsor Smith (to wear to Josh's sister's Wedding!)
  7. Elephant Cutlery Caddy - Modcloth

Painting My Terracotta Pots

5 Aug 2014

About two weeks ago, I was quite stressed and unhappy about work and life in general, and I had been for a little bit. So my boyfriend Josh & best friend Emily coincidentally on the same day (without knowing) both bought me flowers. In fact they were both orchids that were in soil. One yellow and the other pink. Both incredibly lovely.

August Goals

4 Aug 2014

I had so much success last month with my list of goals I only hope I can continue that this month.
I was having a bit of trouble coming up with goals for the month but here we go.

1. Stress Less

Today I bought an oil burner & a calming essential oil. My work roster has been quite full lately and I can become a bit stressed and flustered if I don't have any Me time to unwind. So on a daily basis I plan to burn some of my essential oil and meditate with my meditation app, Smiling Mind. Hopefully this will help me to be less anxious overall. 

2. Start Booking my Holiday (actually)

This was in last month's goals but I had to wait until I could confirm I could have the time off and that took a while but now I know! Now I just have to wait until Josh has his passport and I have a day off to go see the travel agent..

3. Post / Blog More Often

At least twice a week is my goal. I really enjoy it and I want to use it as a way to unwind from my constant working. My blog may be called "Permanent Procrastination" but I hope I can try not to procrastinate posting. I'd like to change to a new blog template once I am sure that this is something I may actually stick at. 

4. Watch Downton Abbey Season 4

I've put this off for a while for some reason, but I sure do love this show. I can de-stress and relax while I watch.

5. Find time to read a book. 

My bookshelf is full of unread books, and I'm still more likely to read an ebook I've just downloaded. Terrible I know. I try and spread myself across various forms of media as I enjoy them all and I often leave reading behind because all of the other activities I can multitask with.

6. Save at least 60% of my Wage (again!)

I did this last month, I am sure I can do it again. Maybe even more? It's a great feeling watching my savings account go up. Let's do this!

Wish me luck! x

Clearly I'm still working on a title photo post style that I like, and until them I'm so sorry that they are all over the place like this. 

July Goals - Updated

3 Aug 2014

I'm falling over myself on how fast the months are actually going. July is over! In fact it's been over for a few days. Let's see how I did with July's goals.

1. Get My Full License - DONE

Hell yeah I did! First go too! I'm officially on a grown up non restricted license! I wrote all about it here.

2. No Spend July - SORT OF..

Okay so my No Spend July was mainly a success. I wanted to at least buy no clothing, and I made it to the final week of July but then Vanishing Elephant had a 50% off sale on their winter gear and come on I can't go past that. Then I bought some new things from my work (the clothing store) to wear to work though. But overall, looking at my Spendee pie chart I saved over 60% of my wage! Awesome! 

3. Hit My Savings Target + Go Past it! - BAM DONE

I'm feeling pretty successful with my goals so far. Woop. I sure did hit my goal and I have gone past it but not by too much, but I am well on my way to hitting my second goal of $15k saved! 

4. Start Planning & Booking My USA Holiday - STARTED

Well I got confirmation from both of my jobs that I can have February off for my holiday, which was what was holding me back a lot. Now I'm waiting on Josh to renew his passport, and then we are going to go to sit down with an STA rep and start planning our holiday and paying it off. Excitement is rising. 

5. Cook & Pack Food instead of Buying - YES

I brought food to all of my big work shifts, and Josh's mum even sent stir fry with me one of the days, what a sweetheart. I've actually already cooked and refrigerated my lunch for some of my shifts this week. 

I'm feeling mighty successful actually! Go me! 

I hope August can go this well! x

Organising My Sister's Closet

1 Aug 2014

My sister is messy. Messy may be an understatement. But we will stick with that. 
She's recently gone to Queensland to stay for an entire month, so my mum and I decided to tackle her room a bit while we have the chance. Including but not limited to throwing out lots of trash, vacuuming and washing all of her bed linen etc. 

I decided to organise her closet mainly because I actually enjoy organising. Ha. Do I have a problem? Maybe. But can you organise too much though? Probably. If I had a label maker I would most likely reach that point. *labels dog* "DOG"

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