Vacation Winter Wear

24 September 2014

 I started ordering and buying up a variety of winter clothes for my overseas vacation and all my main bits and purchases have finally arrived! I still have a cute hat that's on layby and also some sweet gloves that are not pictured because of difficult and they probably would have been covered in dog hair by the end of this.

 I started ordering and buying up a variety of winter clothes for my overseas vacation and all my main bits and purchases have finally arrived! I still have a cute hat that's on layby and also some sweet gloves that are not pictured because of difficult and they probably would have been covered in dog hair by the end of this.

Ha ha excuse the shoddiness of these photos this is the first time for this kind of post and apart from the fact I'm just using my iphone on a timer um well ignore my facial expressions as well.

  1. Jacket - Ellie Short Puffer from Fatface; Lovely black parka that is lined with down and has the softest material in the hood ever and is super warm with a big faux fur hood. 
  2. Scarf - New Look Checkered from Asos; I love this grey plaid and it works well with black. 
  3. Shoes - Nike Lunarspeed from Asos; I wanted to have super comfy shoes for all the walking I'll be doing in America. 
  4. Jeans - Dr Denim from Abicus; Skinny & Warm. 
I still need a few more long sleeved shirts and other basics but I'm well on my way.

Bonus Crazy Picture:

I ♥ IKEA // Moving Out Ideas

23 September 2014

So I am now officially moving out of home and into a new apartment with my partner in March 2015! *dances* We are very lucky to be able to get to rent a townhouse that Josh's parents own. It is a lovely 2 storey townhouse, in an A+ location with a cute courtyard out the back. 2 Bedroom + a study, as well as 2 bathrooms.  It is currently fully tiled with white tiles but before we move, wooden floors are going in and a deck out the back.

As the house is owned by family we will get a tad more lenience on what we can do with it, which is grand! We are super excited to start buying furniture though, well I'm the most excited probably. Plus we may be getting the previous tenants (his sister + fiance) brown leather L shaped lounge, that is in great condition and will save us a bunch of money that we would have spent on a couch.

We have picked out a variety of furniture as ideas from various stores but here are some picks that we enjoy from IKEA. I know that we are both equally keen to head to IKEA, giftcards in tow.

  1. HEMNES TV Storage Combination - Originally I was just looking at TV benches with a lot less storage space, but as the house is only small this would add extra storage for stuff like books and DVDs and well as our PS4 games. 
  2. LAPPLAND TV Storage Unit - While it doesn't look too special here and empty, what caught our attention was the use of the bottom cubes with drawers/doors which makes it look really nice. The price is also quite good. 
  3. AROD Work Lamp - Looking at this for lighting on our bedside tables, it would go well with the tables we have picked out and also with the metal framed bed we are looking at from Adairs. 
  4. Stockholm Nest of Tables - Instead of having one big coffee table for the living room I like the look of these two, they sit well together with one underneath the other a bit, and they are easily moved around either out of the way or as handy side tables. 
  5. ALHEDE Rug - We just really want a shaggy rug I think. We will find a place. 
  6. HEMNES Bedside Tables - I like how there is only one drawer which basically forces you to only have the necessities in there and not fill it with junk, but the shelf underneath still gives you some room for bits and pieces, either decorative or useful. 
  7. BESTA BURS Desk - This table is perfect because it is 1.8m long and can be used as a workspace for 2 people. As we both have iMacs this exactly what we need. Plenty of space for 2 computers, 2 chairs & 2 people. 
Now our only issue is that the nearest IKEAs are 2 hours away! *cry* So we will need to hire transport that has enough room for furniture to be brought back. Then the IKEA putting together party will begin! Bring on the pizza and allen keys!
My favourite catalogue ever. 

This Week on Instagram

22 September 2014

I may have worked 5 days this week, but I still managed to find a little bit of time for myself. Well mostly on the weekend.
  1. I made myself a new cover photo for Facebook
  2. Went and got my ears pierced for the second time, the lady slipped with the piercing gun and put a hole right near my first one. Thanks lady.
  3. The week was bloody stressful, I managed to not cry until the last day of the third week. That Friday after work was such a relief. Thank god for the weekend.
  4. I had Saturday off, and went to Hunt & Gather Markets! The markets are amazing, they're held in Newcastle NSW on the 3rd Saturday of every month, and each time I go they're even better with more goodies to find. Check out their website too! (which my boyfriend's talented sister designed!)
  5. Went and had lunch at 3Monkeys on Darby Street, I ate delicious bruschetta and he had a salt and pepper squid salad.
  6. Sneaky photos. I'm wearing my new Motel Rocks Sunflower dress and cute necklace I bought from the Markets from White Daisy Clothing
  7. Bought some super cute earrings from Wilson & Wilson at the markets to wear when my new piercing heals up!
  8. I just can't sit outside without my beagle attacking me. 
  9. My solar powered dancing Groot came! He's now living on my car's dashboard. I got this beauty from etsy Seller StudioKitsu.
  10. Finally got out my new bag layby from Abicus on Darby St. I bought it to take with me to America as my current handbag is a bit large. The brand is Status Anxiety and they make the best leather goods, my wallet is also from them. 
You can follow my instagram here: Teegly !

Hope you had a good week! Cya! xx

Also lack of posts is 100% in relation to 40+ hour work weeks that are the death of me. Hope to be back soon. 

Let's Buy Stuff

14 September 2014

I think I be really good at saving for ages and then I splurge a bit and it's too much but oh well. I have successfully saved enough money for my entire holiday and spending money and now all extra is just going towards furniture for when I move out. So I'm gonna allow myself to buy some clothing every now and then I think. I got a discount on all of these items too so I'm going to count that as a win anyway.

So here's what I bought:

  1. Ballerina Playsuit - Dotti
  2. Hideaway Co Ords - Princess Polly
  3. Motel Sunflower Dress - Universal Store 
  4. Baby Blue Laser Cut Out Top - Dotti
  5. Zebra Print Scoop Top - Dotti
I also managed to find some stuff I wanted for my Winter USA trip! Here's a sneak peak! I bought everything online but I'll post about them when they arrive. 

Cya! xx

Condition Before You Shampoo??

13 September 2014

Okay so the other day I was reading an article on Refinery29 "Have we been conditioning our hair wrong??" Of course I click on it, thinking oh god have I? The normal way being shampooing your hair in the shower and then rinsing and then conditioning before rinsing again and you're done. 

Payday Wishlist 3/9 - USA Vacation

3 September 2014

Another 2 weeks have gone by, another fortnightly pay is about to be deposited into my little bank account. I thought this payday I should start looking at some winter gear to take with me to the USA when I go on holidays in February. Which will be the last month of Winter over there.
I browsed the heck out of ASOS and here are some things that I'm looking at purchasing.


I want a good one with a thick lining that I can wear every day of my holiday.


Well it does have to match my jacket.


Both are touch screen capable, of course, this is the future afterall. While I'm not that much of a fan of the stripes, the extra length will be under my jacket sleeves for extra warmth. 


I'm a bit torn between style and comfort here. Boots would make sense but I will be doing a significant amount of walking for the entire trip where sneakers would be handy. I want one pair of good shoes I can wear the entire trip basically. 

September Goals

2 September 2014

This month I will most likely be working 6 days a week. Which will be annoying and tiring, but I am sure I will get through it okay. Here are some goals to keep me on track for this month.

1. Watch Movies:
- The Fault in Our Stars
- Bad Neighbours
- The Normal Heart
- The Expendables 3
- Muppets Most Wanted
I'm going to be pretty busy so I need to relaxed movie time when I can fit it in also.

2. Do not buy stuff from my work Cafe
My workplace has a cute cafe with yummy snacks and I have already bought and packed food for my work days so I do not need to go down to the cafe and buy a juice and cookie (like I did on the 1st day). No cafe food = No unnecessary spending.

3. Save $300 a week
Usually my money goals are more related to a percentage of my wage. But this month I'm just going to aim for saving this much money each week. That's $1200 saved this month thank you.

4. Let Go of My iPad Games..
I deleted the Kim Kardashian game last night. That is the first step. I have been playing Tapped Out as well. I mean it's okay to play a little bit, but then there is the unholy amount that you should not be playing these games.

5. Survive my Excessive Work Hours
I don't know how I would fail this goal anyway, I just have to get through this month. Keep up morale.

6. Find time for Myself
Last month with all the work I was doing, on days off I was trying to fit in heaps of activities to make the days worth it in my mind. This lead to me being super run down and overly tired in general. When I have a day off, I really need to chillax, sleep in and rest. Which while I think it wasteful, my body needs it.

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