Carry On Must Haves

2 Feb 2015

I wanted to be super prepared for my USA trip, and I also decided that my cute Status Anxiety bag, while super handy, wouldn't always be enough during my trip. Which is why I decided to buy a nice black leather backpack by Token. Now at least I'll have somewhere to stash my camera while we stop for lunch.

Pictured are my other carry on must haves.

  • - My Own Headphones: Airlines hand them out, but these are much better.
  • - Dettol Hand Sanitiser: Airports & planes are riddled with bacteria, I feel much better knowing I have this.
  • My Status Anxiety Wallet: It's small but it still holds everything I need, and means I don't load up on unnecessary items. 
  • Quay Sunglasses: I got these beauties from my sister for Christmas. They're more useful on the way to the airport and after I land than during the flight.
  • - My iPad Mini: I filled this with music and books and it's ready to keep me entertained.
  • - Extra Chewing Gum: Chewing gum as the plane takes off helps to equalise pressure in your ears so they don't pop as you go up!
  • - US Dollars: This is the country i'm headed to's currency. It's also smart not to pack cash in your checked luggage.
  • - Blistex Lip Balm: Lip balm is always handy, and it can get pretty dry up there in the plane.
  • - Travel Sickness Tablets: All natural, and handy if I start to feel ill during the flight.
  • - My Passport: The most important thing that I can pack! I need this to get into the country!
  • - Inflatable Neck Pillow: This baby deflates super small which means I can pack it with ease, and inflate it when I'm ready to say good night.
Hopefully this is enough for my 13 hour flight!



  1. Your backpack is gorgeous! I really like how organized and tidy you packed, it's essential for me when travelling. Have a great tip :)

  2. Wow you're super organised! Have an amazing trip!

    Lucy x

  3. I love packing carry on bags although I always end up taking too much stuff with me!

    Ayaan - girl lost in transit

  4. I also always pack my camera in my carry on because I'm just too paranoid about something happening to it in checked luggage. 13 hours is a longggg flight, I've never done more than 7 straight. Hopefully you can sleep! Taking Gravol in your carry one might not be a bad idea either!

    xx Kathryn

  5. Those sunglasses are just amazing, I want a pair :) And the bag is lovely too. I haven't travelled for a long time, but I tend to be quite disorganised when I do.

  6. You travel light! I'm proud of you. I tend to take everything and my mother in a carry-on bag. // US Lifestyle Blog

  7. I always enjoy seeing what other people bring when they travel. I'm totally with you on the hand sanitizer, I never feel like washing my hands on an airplane cleans them enough. And a neck pillow is must on long flights!

  8. A lot more organised than me, that's for sure! I'd probably chuck stuff in that wouldn't even be useful, just because.


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