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31 Oct 2015

I have been so slack with blogging lately! Trying to maintain an even spread of work, free time and blogging, it's a bit of a daily challenge. Plus I got Assassin's Creed Syndicate as an early birthday gift, so I've been playing that too.  I was also incredibly disheartened after deleting my domain like an idiot. I decided to not spend the $140 either, so I've backordered my domain to hopefully grab when it is released back into the wild.

October has been a pretty good month for me though. The weather is looking up, I've worked a lot but I've also had a good handful of free time, which is important. It's also my birthday in a few days! Which I have a cute wishlist post for, and I'm going to chill in Sydney for 4 days. Which I've now seen the weather forecast is rain the entire time. Which will put a literal dampener on our plans to walk pretty much everywhere. Looks like I'll be taking an umbrella.

Anyway, I love how Bash from 'Hey Bash' does her 'Currently' style of post. So I've borrowed it!


I've been playing Assassin's Creed basically every day and neglecting other areas of my life. I usually am so keen on finishing it, that I wake up one day and realise I've been wasting my life and I stop playing it. But I really want to finish it this time! Apart from that, this weekend I've got Josh's Nan's 90th birthday lunch which is today, and tomorrow I have a christening for my cousin's beautiful twin girls! Then Sunday night I have my lovely friend Chezarne's 21st! It's going to be a busy weekend. That's why I'm taking a moment right now to chill out. 


What aren't I watching?? Supergirl just started and it's amazing! Seriously loving it so far even though it's only been one episode. Arrow this season is just awesome as well. I'm always a big fan of iZombie, and Scream Queens is a must for this Halloween! I haven't actually been to the cinema in a little while, so I'll have to head back soon and see something new!


Is anyone not listening to Adele's new song? It's amazing. Welcome back Adele. Gwen Stefani also has a new song out, called 'Used to Love You' which is funny because I used to looove Gwen Stefani. I still do ish, i'm just not obsessively singing WHAT YOU WAITING FOR?? At the top of my lungs. I also got onto Troye Sivan and my favourite song by him currently is Bite. Worth the listen!


I went and got a spray tan yesterday, because it's Spring time, and I'm going to Sydney soon to shop and when I try on outfits, no lie, everything looks better on me when I have a tan. Plus I just feel like 110% better about myself. I tried out this tanning place on a street next to mine, so I could walk there and back. It's the first time I've gone since moving into the city. But seriously I look fab. The tan I got was called Moroccan Tan, and it's full of great ingredients like Argan Oil, Aloe Vera and Rosehip. So my skin feels amazing!


I've been putting together a birthday wishlist post, of cool things I'm loving right now. There will be lots of jewellery and monochrome items, I'm telling you now. I've also been making a general mess of my house, I cleared out all of the old things from my wardrobe and I'm still not too sure what I'm going to do with all of them, so they're currently looking messy sitting in the guest room... 


All of the fun things we are going to do when Josh & I go to Sydney on Tuesday! Shopping, dinners, coffees, museums, the botanical gardens, maybe IMAX, maybe even go to a stageshow! Clearly I haven't done thaat much planning, but I have a lot of ideas! That's the first step anyway!

Overall, October has been pretty chill and rad. Bring on November!
Cya! xx

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Halloween Swap Box with Rosie Rockets

29 Oct 2015

I love participating in anything blog related, and Bloggers United put out a call for Aussie bloggers to be a part of a Halloween Box Swap. You fill out a little form and then they pair you up with another blogger and you send each other a box of Halloween goodies. 

I got paired with the lovely Rosie from "A Red Lip & a Nude Shoe". An awesome beauty/fashion blogger from Melbourne. We decided on a budget for our Halloween box, as well as a general outline of what it should include. Something beauty related, chocolate and halloween goodies of course!

Domain Privacy - I Know Where You Live

27 Oct 2015

Whenever I find out something interesting, useful or informative related to blogging, I like to write a post about it and put it in my "Blogging 101" category. Because I figure, if I don't know about this then a lot of other people might not know this either. 

This one came up recently during my major error of judgement when I deleted my domain name. When I was trying to work out what was going on with my domain, I was directed to a place where I could type in my url and it would give me details on how long it would be until my domain expired, and was released into the wild. 

So I went along to this website called Whois. Typed in my domain name, and low and behold there was my (old) home address, full name and phone number. Out there for the world to see, and find. 

Obviously I have been wary of late about too many of my details getting out there after that incident with the super creepy guy. And here is all my freaking details. So readily available.

I was mortified! Domain Privacy is an option when signing up for a domain, but at the time I was just thinking, oh yeah, just another added cost for whatever.

I had no idea what I was doing!

Do You Need Domain Privacy?

I searched the domains of 10 bloggers that I follow, and here are the results.

I'm sorry to freak you ladies out right now. But 7 out of 10 blogs I just checked, have all their details out there. Which i'm sure is news to you. 

What Can You Do?

Domain Privacy is an option available on all Domain Registries. It should only cost you about $9.95 a year to have. Which I can now stress is totally worth it. As all your details are out there. Even if you change your details to something more anonymous, all your previous changes show up as well.

There you go. This has been a Public Service Announcement for all my blogger babes out there.

Stay safe!

Cya!  xx

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Minimalist / Monochrome Wardrobe Makeover - Inspiration

24 Oct 2015

Image Source: Chocolate
If you're a follower I'm sure you would have seen that recently I won some money through a blogging competition, and my plan for said money was to go on a shopping spree on my birthday at a big mall in Sydney. A well thought out and not crazy shopping spree. But a spree none the less. 

I've decided that I wanted to give my wardrobe a makeover and start shopping smarter. More quality over quantity and less purchases on things I'm not 100% in love with and will never wear. 

Parks and Recreation Halloween Costumes - Ladies

21 Oct 2015

This show may have ended but the characters will live on in all of their amazing greatness, for years to come. I've put together a few ideas on how you can dress as your favourite Pawnee Resident. Here are the ladies. Look out for Part 2, coming soon. 

All costumes include the iconic "Knope 2012" button! Vote Knope! 

Don't Delete Your Domain - My $140 Mistake

19 Oct 2015

I'm an idiot. This is a blog post warning you to never ever do what I have done. Because it was and is a nightmare. One that I haven't even fixed yet.

Last week I saw that my .com domain with Crazy Domains was expiring on the 14th. Good. I was sick of them and I didn't want my blog to be with Crazy Domains anymore. 

My domain expired, and unfortunately, instead of a giant hand reaching through the computer and stopping me, I deleted the domain. 

If I could redo High School...

16 Oct 2015

We all have things that when we think back to them, we wish we could have done things a little differently. Whether it was something minor like dressing another way or major such a decision you have made that may have affected other things. 

If I went back in time and had a do-over of high school I know there would be a few things that I would do differently.

Winner Winner

15 Oct 2015

If you haven't seen me excitedly thanking everyone via facebook yet. It's time for the big reveal. I WON! I won this sweet competition that was being run by Heritage Bank in Brisbane. 

I wrote this post as my entrant for the competition. I entered the post in the finance category and with the help of all my wonderful friends, coworkers and family. As well as my favourite followers! I was able to score the most votes in my category!

My prize was, wait for it, $2,000! What! I know right! 

Josh and my birthday is coming up soon at the beginning of November, and we are going to stay in a hotel in Sydney for 3 nights, and do activities as well as go shopping to celebrate! 

I'm also going to add another $1,000 between now and then so that we can have the best shopping day ever! I'm hoping to give my wardrobe a proper makeover! Ahh! *explodes from excitement*

I'm so excited, and I'll definitely be posting more about Sydney, before/during/after we go! 

Thank you so so much for voting for me in the Blog Awards!

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A Quick Review: The Martian

14 Oct 2015

There's a pretty cool story behind the movie "The Martian". Well behind the story that would become a film. Writer Andy Weir wrote 'The Martian' as free story on his own personal blog. People were loving it so much, they asked if it could be downloadable so that they could read it on their Kindle. 

To add it to Amazon so people could download it, he had to set a price so Weir set it for $0.99.
The book took off, became a hit, and here we are today. Writing a movie review for it. 

Coming into the movie I think I had a certain idea in mind, just based on the space movies I've watched in the past few years. Gravity & Interstellar come to mind. Both of them great films but it is an error of judgement to lump The Martian with them simply because they all involve space travel. 

In The Martian, Astronaut Mark Watney gets abandoned on Mars after they believe he has died whilst all trying to escape from a large incoming storm. Spoiler alert (jokes) he's alive. (obviously)

Mark Watney has to figure out how to survive with the supplies that are leftover, until he can hopefully contact NASA and they can come and rescue him.

This film has such an all star cast, and they all do a wonderful job. I loved Donald Glover's albeit small role, especially where he fell over in the first take and they decided to keep it in. Kristen Wiig proves she can be spectacularly serious, Sean Bean avoids death, and Sebastian Stan longs for Steve Rogers. (probably)

Matt Damon makes for an amazing lead, and I'm not sure if anyone else could have done such a good job with the character. Positive, self-depreciating, charming. 

This movie has thrilling moments, where you're on the edge of your seat. The moments that make you laugh out loud, and others where you feel so hopeful and elated. 
These are quick reviews for a reason, no spoilers here. 

One of the best space movies I've seen in awhile. 

PS. People, it's not based on a true story.. they go to Mars!

Have you seen The Martian? What did you think?

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What's on my Phone? (ft. iPhone 6s)

12 Oct 2015

So on the 12th of September, the iPhone 6s was available to preorder. My 2 year contract with Optus was about to run out, and I needed to switch sim providers. As I have basically no reception in my house. And as we don't have a home phone, me being able to receive and make calls from my mobile in my own home is pretty important. 

To buy the new iPhone 6s, in Rose Gold 64GB on a plan with Telstra, it was going to cost me $100 per month. Which is quite a bit to be putting aside each week. Seeing as I'm great at saving my money, I had enough to buy the phone outright. Which meant I could go onto the BYO plan for $50 a month. So that's where I'm at now. I just sold my iPhone 5s last week too, so that's some extra cash for me.

Natural Instinct Skincare Review

9 Oct 2015

My skin has been terrible this season. Well mostly the previous seasons. Autumn & Winter. I'm not sure what it is but my face and skin just hates the cold and I break out and my skin peels away as well. It's a terrible combination and I hate it. 

I was only just thinking that I need a new range of skincare products, when I absent mindedly entered a giveaway on Julie's blog, to win a whole pack of skincare items. Having forgotten I'd even entered I was super surprised to receive an email telling me I had won a pack of Natural Instinct Skincare products! The goodies arrived 2 days later and I have been testing them out ever since. 

Life Lately 7/10

6 Oct 2015

My last life lately post was on the 9th of September! Almost an entire month ago! So I'm sure there's a lot to fill you in on what's been happening. But I'll skip to the good stuff.

Meet My October Advertiser

5 Oct 2015

Earth to Kace
Only one little ole advertiser for October, so Kace get's all the glory! Kace is a super cute blogger from Texas who is currently doing Blogtober over on her blog, with some awesome Halloween posts just on the horizon. 

Hello, I'm Kaci, a twenty year old college student from Texas, USA. Writing, photography, and traveling are my three main passions. While I'm not studying or writing for my university's newspaper, I'm blogging. My blog mainly consists of lifestyle posts. Although that topic is broad, I tend to narrow it down to travel posts, reviews of my favorite products, DIYs, and my everyday thoughts.

I started blogging because I was always fascinated with expressing myself in different ways. I thought it was extremely interesting to be able to do something I love and have people from all over the world get a look inside my brain. So here I am, almost a year later, loving every moment of it!
Instagram | Twitter 

If you would like to be a part of November's advertisers, you can check out all the deets and statistics over on my Advertise page!

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Waking up with Di Bella Coffee

4 Oct 2015

I had actually never had plunger coffee before, and even had to google how to actually use a coffee plunger! Is that crazy? I don't know how common they actually are. I guess because my parents were tea drinkers. 

When I got asked by Di Bella Coffee to choose a coffee blend to try, it took me a little while to settle on a coffee that sounded just right. Something perfect for me. I love sweet drinks, and I probably put way too much sugar for anyone who has more of a refined coffee palate. 

After reading about each individual Di Bella Coffee, I was finally sold on the Premium blend with the words, "hazelnut", "caramel" & "butterscotch". These the flavours for me thanks. 

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