March in Photos

I take a lot of photos. A lot. I always have my phone on me and find quite a few things to snap during my days. While I do instagram most of the images, there are some I deem not right for grammin' so I just leave it pretty on my phone instead.

1. A cute shot of the high tea party I set up for my blog post with Kettle Town. 2. My nineties vibe outfit for my clothing store shift. 3. A super cute succulent that I have in a pot in my courtyard right now. 4. Sneak Peek at an upcoming Kettle Town post, where I made a clay bunny pot for Easter!

5. My current workspace and favourite matching mug from Kikki K. 6. Delicious sushi from Woolworths! Who would have guessed. 7. Me driving home with my lovely palms. 8. My beloved Baymax cube from my IKEA bookcase.  

9. 6am Work feels, with new bangs. 10. Watering all my plant babies with the cutest watering can ever. 11. My dining table succulents are still going strong. 12. My corner of succulents, a work in progress out in my courtyard.

Woo! I have worked so so much this first month back, but I'm loving life, and still finding plenty of free time for myself. I hope to post a bunch of things next month. I can't wait!

Have a happy Easter! xx

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Makeup Tips That I Swear By

It's taken quite a bit of time, 22 years of my life in fact, but I finally have down pat quite a few makeup tips for looking fab. I didn't come by them all myself of course, I have friendly advice and pinterest to thank for that.

I don't want you to spend your life searching for all the answers. When I can just hand them to you right here and now.

Blend Blend Blend Your Foundation. Use a brush, use your fingers, use a sponge. Your fingers will provide perfect coverage for foundation, but the oils from your hands with make your makeup not last as long. Your sponge with probably absorb some of the makeup and won't give you as thick of a coverage. Brushes can be a bit streaky, but you can use a larger one to "stipple" your foundation, which is basically lots of little circular motions to really blend that foundation in and give you a flawless finish.

Embrace the magic of contouring. Bronze, Highlight and Blush. There are some basic all around face guides to follow, but for specific areas that you want to work on you might need to do a little searching or ask a professional makeup artist. They can map out a contour guide perfect for your face shape.

Eyebrows are super important. Obviously. If they're so pale you can barely see them, go to an expert, get them plucked, get them dyed. You will immediately notice the difference, and it will be a good one. Find a style you're happy with, whether it's pencils, eyebrow mascara wands, or powder. Follow tutorials, and own it. Don't overdo it. Or do.

You don't want blobby mascara. Dab your mascara wand on a tissue before every application for flawless lashes.

Longlasting lippy.
When you foundation your face, include your lips. Powder your lips, not too much. Apply the lipstick (pencil first if you like) blot with a tissue. Apply lippy again. Tada.

Learn to line your upper waterline. It feels funny and it makes your eye twitch when you start. But when you can do it, it's a heck of a lot easier than lining your eyelid. It gives a different and more subtle look, but if you still can't draw the perfect cat eye, I would give this a shot.

Exfoliate & Moisturise. I use a scrub at least twice a week. My nose peels constantly and it's hard to get on top of it. I moisturise in the morning, one with an SPF+ (very important) and before I go to bed. My skin is pretty dry, so look for a moisturiser that matches your skin type. You shouldn't have to worry about making your skin oilier.

Learn a great eyeshadow trick and adapt it to a lot of different shades and colours. This one is my new favourite, it's super simple, and you can mix it up with different colours and using shadows instead of a pencil as well.

Have a signature scent. I have a lot of perfumes, but I wear my Marc Jacobs Daisy one on the daily. Of course don't be afraid to mix it up! Spray your wrists, neck, your chest, and one puff to your hair.

Learn what order to apply your makeup. Everything works a lot better if it's applied in what is generally accepted as the "correct" order. Moisturiser. Primer. Foundation. Concealer. Bronzer. Highlight. Blush. Powder. (You can powder before or after contouring, but I use it after to help with the blending.)

Keep Learning! Pinterest is a treasure trove of ideas and good advice. So are your friends. I've learnt new tricks watching my gal pals get ready for a night out.

On that note, to continue learning. Please tell me your very own beauty tip so I can add it to my personal repertoire!

Cya! xx

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How Embarrassing..

I thought that it would be fun to write down as many embarrassing moments about my life as I can remember at the moment. Maybe not so fun for me. Suddenly remembering something embarrassing that has happened to you can be incredibly cringeworthy. (this gif knows whats up)

Maybe voluntarily recalling them and writing them down will be easier? At the very least it will document them so that my embarrassing moments will never be forgotten, by me or by anyone. 
What a terrible idea.

In no particular order, my personal cringeworthy moments. 
  •  Recently I bought 2 bottled waters from a cafe, and when the lady handed me back the change, I politely handed her back one of the notes because I thought she had given me too much change. I had to ask her for the money back after Josh started asking what the heck I was doing.
  •  In High school doing a 400m race at the Athletics Carnival, I was amazingly not at all coming last, even though I do not exercise. I threw myself over the finish line, or what I thought was the finish line. Once I had got back up due to friends yelling at me from the sidelines, I finished second last, to someone who was cartwheeling the race..
  •  When I was in America I was staring at some guy in a Starbucks, only because he was carrying 8 large coffees and I was super interested how he was going to get out the door balancing all that coffee. My staring was completely obvious, he noticed, and after he managed to open the door I flashed a double thumbs up.. and then shrank into my seat because WHY did I do that. Australians.
  • During my first driving test, I was acing it, and I was almost back to the start. I turned into a super wide street and went so far across that I was driving in the parking lane. The driver politely mentioned that I needed to be actually on the road, to which I swerved back onto the road suddenly. I failed.
  •  I climbed up a low, outdoor stage in the third grade. I fell down onto concrete, was a tad unconscious. An ambulance came and took me away. They put a neck brace on me and there were many rumours from other 8 year olds that I had broken my neck, my back, my legs, I was never coming back etc. I had a mild concussion but I was fine, and was known for the remainder of Primary school (K-6) as the girl who fell off the stage.
  •  I went in a singing competition/talent quest when I was maybe 11, to which I forgot the words to the second verse. I promptly started crying and ran off stage. 

EDIT: I did think of another two! Ha.

  •  I was given an opportunity to have a trial run as a waitress at a local pub. The first job they gave me was to scoop ice-cream into cones, and I said oh man I used to work in a ice-creamery so this will be sweet. I immediately knocked the mug of hot water used for the scoop onto the floor which by some miracle didn't shatter.

    The rest of the night followed suit, awkwardness, delivering food to the wrong people, not being able to carry stuff. Needless to say, I'm not a waitress and I will never be.

  •  I worked in an ice-cream store when I was about 16. I hadn't worked there very long and one shift was ending so we had to turn the signage lights off. The switches were in a little cupboard at the back of the store. I went around, and switched the lights off and closed the cupboard. Before turning to do something else. This doesn't even seem like something that could actually happen, but the freaking cupboard door fell off the wall and TURNED OFF EVERY SWITCH as it fell. I'm talking freezers, the register, fridges, the soft serve machine.

    I remained calm and we reset and restarted everything while my coworker panicked and ran about like a madwoman. We fixed everything obviously. And I didn't get in trouble for this unfortunate accident, but I did get a lecture about being too calm and not taking the situation seriously enough. Ha. 

Now it's your turn ! Don't leave me hanging. Comment with an embarrassing moment. I promise I won't laugh.. much. 

Cya xx 

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It's High Time for Some Tea


I am so so excited to be able to share this with you today! Back in January I was approached by a super cute company called Kettle Town that makes different kinds of tea in Sydney, to write for their blog. A part of their website called Kettle Town Tales.

The first topic that I got from them was High Tea, and it's just been posted up on their website now!
Which I am super happy about!

So please read, enjoy and comment.
(If Disqus isn't working, commenting here would be fine too!)
It would mean the world to me!

Thanks so much! xxx

My 'Go To' Winter Wear in New York City

New York City was cold. Freezing in fact. The coldest weather I have ever been in, in my life. Lil ole Australia is generally more of a hotter climate, with the winter temperatures where I live, occasionally reaching maybe 10 degrees C (50F) at the lowest. In New York City I was ever so luckily subjected to -20 degrees C (-4F) which is bloody ridiculous. I wore quite a few layers. Including fleece lined tights, underneath my jeans. Then socks and shoes. I was only kind of prepared.

Here is my basic daily outfit for while I was in New York City.

You can see the rest of my gear and some accessories here.

The only issue with dressing so warm was immediately sweating whenever you walked inside of a building and were faced with all of their heating. So wearing a short sleeved shirt under the sweater helped with that. Especially as my jacket was so so warm as it is lined with down. My Dr Marten boots were perfect as well for walking through puddles and snow being waterproof leather. My feet were a lot warmer than Josh's.

(My Puffer Jacket is FatFace but it's no longer available online)

Shopping Alberta Street in Portland

Our adorable AirBnB accommodation in Portland was a 5 minute walk from the lively and oh so pleasant Alberta Street. Portland reminded Joshua & I a lot of our hometown Newcastle, which may be one of the reasons we enjoyed it so much.

Alberta Street is lined with boutiques and restaurants as well as cafes and galleries. It was easy to spend an entire day wandering, shopping and eating as we ambled along. The 4km street takes a good amount of time to walk along even without stopping.

I've picked a few good places that I visited along the way to show you, so check them out!

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