2017 - New Year's Resolution

31 Dec 2016

The worst year ever? Can't 2016 just hurry up and end, right? It couldn't go out without taking a few more beloved celebrities with it. Instead of resolutions I could just follow this goal for the year. 

Did you see how I went with my goals last year? All of last years resolutions weren't particularly exciting and I didn't do that great, but I will see how I go with whatever I can up with to achieve this time around.

2016 Resolution Results...

26 Dec 2016

It's embarrassing really. What did I even do in 2016. Nothing. I'm not even going to include results on my blog goals seeing as I barely blogged. What a joke. Again what was I even doing? Watching TV probably. 

So let's look at my 2016 goals and how I did. Spoiler, terribly. 

Soo we're not moving...

17 Dec 2016

If you read my post back in September on hunting for houses, you'd know that Josh and I were now in the market for a house. Our first home that we would own and own together. We set out on our search and the novelty quickly wore off. 

We found it stressful and unfulfilling in a market that was the worst it's been in a long time.

Berrylicious Smoothie Bowl

6 Dec 2016

The other day Josh and I decided we'd like to give Smoothie Bowl making a go. Since we never had even eaten one before but we always thought they looked pretty darn good. 

We went to the grocery store and collected some ingredients, threw them into the blender and then topped them with some yummy goods. 

Here's what you need.

Enrich Your Skin with Griffin + Row (& Win!)

2 Dec 2016

Griffin + Row contacted me recently and asked me to pick an item from their 5 Step Skincare routine. I went straight to number 5 and chose their "Ultra Luxurious" Anti-Oxidant Night Cream

Enriched with a higher concentrate of centess+complex (a blend of plant extracts) used to boost the efficiency of this daily natural moisturiser. All you have to do is apply regularly to your face and neck. Use nightly and whenever your skin needs extra nourishment to rebalance dryness and regain natural radiance.

Periods are Gross

29 Nov 2016

Image by "Rupi Kaur"

3 Fitness Challenges I'm Doing Right Now

22 Nov 2016

If you follow me on instagram or we talk in real life you may know that i've been trying to up my fitness as of late. I've also dropped to only one job so I don't exactly have as much of a disposable income as I used to have either. I had been wanting to get on the fitness bandwagon for ages, I just kept falling off it. For a variety of reasons. Hell I still bring up the time I got really fit and then got a cold that lasted 3 months which completely destroyed all motivation and fitness, and that happened probably 5 years ago. 

One day in October this year I thought screw it! I want to get into shape, for probably the first time ever, and I want to do it now. I just opened the door and went for a run and the journey began. 
So far I've been exercising and eating better for about 6 weeks. I've lost 2kg! 

Which is quite a bit seeing as I'm only small to start with. But it's not about the weight. Not to mention that muscle weighs more than fat. I'm feeling great mentally and when I look in the mirror I feel good about myself and what I look like. It's such a great feeling, and one I'm sure too many people haven't felt before, which sucks. 

Girls Complimenting Girls

11 Nov 2016

There's a boutique that I go into every now and then where the girls who work there say hi and say that they love your outfit today! Now I have been known to put together a cute outfit every now and then, but on these particular days I was dressed reasonably average. Not to mention that the comment has happened more than once. Meaning that this is just a thing that the shop girls say to customers.

We've all seen Mean Girls when Regina compliments that girl's skirt and then mocks her behind her back. It's our worst nightmare to receive a compliment that's disingenuine, whether it's to try and flatter you in a store or to poke fun at you once you turn away.

Fall Staples with Jord (+ A Chance to Win!)

8 Nov 2016

Though it's not Autumn here in Australia, it is for about half of the world and a reasonable chunk of my readers. My new wood watch from Jord is delicious in it's dark sandalwood shades, it looks like it would be right at home sitting amongst some freshly fallen autumn leaves.

I've rounded up some pieces that all fit together in an ideal outfit for me on a lovely Autumn's day. My fall staples. That I could wear again and again all throughout the season. 

Mini Kylie Cosmetics Haul & Review

24 Oct 2016

I've been a fan of Kylie Cosmetics since I bought myself the Dolce K lipkit and loved it! I managed to get a hold of the lipkit after the pesky brush issues had been fixed so I had nothing but good things to say about it. I bought myself another lipkit shade a bit later, a pretty nude shade "Exposed". But I had been eyeing off a pinkier shade for a while. Something a bit more suited for the Spring weather that we're in. 

When they had $5 international postage for 48 hours I decided that this was the time to strike. Why not get myself the Bronze Kyshadow Palette and Black Kyliner while I'm at it. 

Here's how they went. 

Hey Vina! - The App for Meeting Friends

20 Oct 2016

Meeting friends as an adult is hard. You don't truly appreciate how easy it is as a kid until you grow up. I have a memory from kindergarten asking another little girl to play with me and be my friend. Amazing! Starting a conversation as an adult might be alright but moving onto asking them to hang out or be friends is a whole other ball game. 

What if I asked someone if they want to hang out sometime or grab a coffee and they don't want to? It's awkward we just stand there, mumble excuses. It's all very stressful, well that's how it is for me. 

Enter 'Hey Vina' the new app for connecting women to form friendships. It's all platonic, it's not a dating app though there is a set up similar to that of Tinder but with profile specs for people to view. 

Cringeworthy Things I Did Growing Up

17 Oct 2016

How to narrow it down to only five things? As soon as I started thinking back to possible cringeworthy actions I've done in the past, it all came flooding back. What was I even doing?? I was the biggest dorkiest nerd loser in the world and I mostly still am. 
Not to be confused with my greatest hits of embarrassing moments. Cause that's already a quite popular post. No these are things I've done that at the time I clearly didn't see to be as cringey as they truly are. Where to even start. 

Couch to 5k - Third Times the Charm

14 Oct 2016

Depressingly enough I've failed the couch to 5k challenge twice now. The first time it got halted by an operation to my foot, which meant I couldn't run for a while, the second time I chickened out because it just got too cold.

I'm very keen to start over and give it another shot. I'm starting from the beginning again! I want to go again how I did on my first go, and still go for walks on my days where I don't do the challenge. I became invested in my fitness but I let it all slide. I now only have one job instead of two and this challenge is going to motivate me to get busy and active on my days off!

I'm happy to say I've restarted the Couch to 5k Challenge.  I'm already up to week 2!

4 Things I've Been Doing Instead of Blogging

4 Oct 2016

It's no secret I've been pretty lax on my blog for a lot of the year, even though I honestly love it and love creating content for it. I've put quite a bit of money and time into it over the last two years as well and I'm not planning on quitting anytime soon. 

I have actually been doing stuff apart from blogging. A lot of it is potentially procrastinating blogging, hey this blog didn't get it's name for nothing, and another huge part is me doing random dorky things that I find fun that take up a lot of time. Like playing Harvest Moon on Nintendo DS. I played it religiously for 4 days straight but I'm now giving it a bit of a break. Don't worry it's not on the list. 

Here's what is.

Stranger Things Costumes - Eleven

1 Oct 2016

It's no surprise that the most popular television show of the moment will also surely be the most sought after for Halloween 2016. It's an easy prediction to make. 

I love putting together Halloween Outfit posts, because I love TV & Movie characters, especially those with recognisable outfits!

In the past I've done Wes Anderson Costumes for Gals & Guys as well as the Ladies of Parks & Recreation which is fun to put together. This year I'm bringing out some easy to put together costumes for some of the characters from Stranger Things. 

Checking in on my Goals for 2016

27 Sep 2016

It's almost laughable for me to be writing this. I was almost about to ignore this post all together since I feel as though I have made zero progress on my goals this year. At the same time, maybe this post is exactly what I need, a wake up call to get my ass in gear! What have I been doing the past nine months?? Working mainly. 

So here we go. Here's the goals I set for myself this year, and the poor attempts I've made towards them.

House Hunting + Inspo

18 Sep 2016

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

We're moving! Well that's the plan anyway. Into a house of our very own. Well mostly. 
Josh and I are packing up and moving into a house in a surrounding suburb hopefully within the next few months. We're buying our own place and it's pretty darn exciting. 

Unfortunately there's no way that we could afford to buy in the suburb we currently live in but that's okay. There are plenty of suburbs on the outskirts of Newcastle that have lovely houses in nice neighbourhoods. 

We've been to a few house inspections together already but we're still looking for the house that ticks all the boxes, location and all. We're not in a hurry but we're pretty darn excited that's for sure! 

I know we're not going to find something that's in our price range, great location and not need any work. It's highly unlikely anyway. If we can get a place, that's in a good spot for a good price but needs a bit of work, then that will be perfectly fine!

I'll keep you posted on the progress, I can't wait to find a place! For now, here's some sweet home inspo I'm really digging at the moment. I'm going to go pinterest crazy these next few months! Follow me over here!

Cya! xx


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Side Table Styling with Brosa

24 Aug 2016

One of the reasons I was so excited to move out for the first time was for the opportunity to set up and style an entire house! Not just my bedroom, multiple rooms. I always loved interior design and I had pinned so many images on pinterest. It also inspired me to start blogging!

I love decorating the townhouse that I live in. I can't wait for Josh & I to buy our own home together and truly make it ours. But for now I'll settle with beautifying my rental.

Brosa got in touch with me and let me go nuts styling one of their pieces. I picked the Elizabeth Lamp Table in Walnut because it already matched so well with the style we had gone for on the first level of our house.

Unexpected Exit - Escape Rooms

17 Aug 2016 Hunter St, Newcastle NSW, Australia

Hidden along Hunter Street and noticeable only by a fold out sign placed out front is the entrance 
to Unexpected Exits. Newcastle's only escape room. 

After Josh had returned from his trip to Melbourne having completed two escape rooms whilst away, I knew I had to also give one a try. Especially as our local one was only 5 minutes away. I grew up playing mystery puzzle games online so I was pretty keen to try my skills in real life. 

DIY Denim with Factorie

15 Aug 2016

I've always been a big fan of denim jackets with patches, I've just never made the leap to actually making my own. Factorie gave me a push in the right direction by supplying me with some denim of my choosing and way more patches than I could possibly ever need, to see what I could come up with! 

It was hella fun and super easy. Plus now I'm definitely on board with buying my own patches in the future and pimpin' out my jeans and denim shorts. 

How to Have a Cohesive Instagram Feed

12 Aug 2016

Instagram is a big deal. If you hadn't already realised. It's a great way to get your blog or business out there to a lot of different audiences. But you could be posting a lot of content that you think is good, but it may not actually be visually appealing in a way that makes people want to follow you. No matter how good your photos may be, they're not doing that much if no one is seeing them. That's where having an instagram theme comes in. 

An instagram theme is a great way to give your overall feed a more uniform look.
When people look at your Instagram profile from the main page, they're seeing your most recent photos in one lumped collage. If they look all out of place next to each other, the first impression your instagram feed is going to give is that your posts are all over the place, unplanned and spontaneous. 

While that's fine for a personal feed, it looks pretty unprofessional on the instagram for a business. It gives the vibe that it's not very well thought out and that you're letting any old person post whatever they want. 

Coco the Ragdoll

2 Aug 2016

My little ragdoll had a rough start in life. While it's impossible to know exactly what her start was, it went somewhere along the lines of being born to a breeder, getting a little bit sick and then being abandoned in the gutter along with her brother. Both of her eyes were very inflamed and cloudy. Likely destined to be put down, they were both saved by a Sydney cat rescue called "Kittie Kat Rescue".

I had been browsing Pet Rescue.com every day, looking at all the fluffy cuties and wanting to adopt all of them. I kept sending photos to Josh but he just kept shaking his head. Not yet, not yet. I found a few different rescue groups on the website and went ahead and followed their pages on Facebook so I could keep updated with new kittens. 

This little baby had already been adopted out but appeared back on the page as due to adverse circumstances, she was returned. I spotted her immediately and messaged a photo to Josh while he was at work. So nervous because there was something about that little fluff ball. I knew she was perfect, he replied a few hours later, "I think she's the one!"

Why the New Ghostbusters Film Needed to be Good

24 Jul 2016

If you keep up with current pop culture or you know go on the internet. You would know that a new Ghostbusters has been in the works, and has just been released. Shock and horror the cast of 4 men has now been replaced with four women, who are surprisingly just as capable of busting ghosts as men?? Apparently. 

This revelation was taken quite poorly by way too people, men and women alike. "My childhood is destroyed!" they cried! "Couldn't they have put in only one girl maybe?" and my personal favourite, "This movie is sexist to men!". 

Yes revamping a cult classic and replacing the four male leads with four females is the worst thing you could do. According to the angry outbursts from thousands of Ghostbuster fans. 

I'm Terrible with Faces

17 Jul 2016

So hi, I'm Tegan, and I'm terrible with faces. It doesn't matter if we've actually met before in person or have just mutually followed and chatted via social media for ages. Basically there's a huge chance I will not recognise you in person. 

I never thought this was me. I would never have said yeah I'm great with faces, but I have a pretty good memory. I just sort of assumed I was good. Until on multiple occasions I was left red faced not knowing who someone was. Trust me it's much worse if we've actually met and spoken in person before.

June Catch Up

13 Jul 2016

I've neglected my poor little blog and I actually had some free time to post but I didn't! You know when you just procrastinate something so hard and then it just gets even further away? Yeah. I accidentally did that with blogging. I had all these ideas and then I was just like nah.

June has been a pretty good month though, a lot has happened as I'll fill you in down the line!

PS. I'm currently listening to "Over You" by SAFIA and it's pretty great.

Royal Essence Candles

24 Jun 2016

You can only review so many candles before you're like nah that's enough or you turn into this girl. I was probably just about at my candle reviewing end until I got asked to review one with a bit of a twist. 
Every Royal Essence candle* comes with a ring inside, that you can only access by lighting and melting the soy wax. 

May Bellabox

9 Jun 2016

I'm always keen to see what's going to arrive in my newest Bellabox delivery! My package delivery guy goes, "Just your Bellabox today Tegan." What a legend. If you're new to the world of Subscription boxes, then here's the scoop.

 Bellaboxes are nifty little boxes that arrive once a month with a variety of beauty products for you to try out. Most often you get sample sizes but on occasion you'll get the full sized product which is always cool. You also usually get a discount voucher to use to purchase certain products too. Which is a great motivator to buy products if you like them.

Let's take a look what I received this month!

May Catch Up

7 Jun 2016

I finally picked up my game a little bit last month with blogging. I guess there was time between the release of the most recent Witcher expansion pack ha. It's great though for real. The month was stressful overall though. Working two jobs with very little time off. I'm saving a bit of money though but not for any specific reason. Which is okay I guess. 

It's been getting colder here now that's Winter. Not as cold as some places my readers are from that's for sure. But hey it's Australia, we're known for the heat. Anyhoo read on for updates on my month. 

PS. I'm currently listening to "Keep the Family Close" by Drake on repeat. I like it okay!

My 3 Fav Lip Products

30 May 2016

I'm super excited to bring you this post in collaboration with two other babin' local bloggers from my area. Newcastle, Australia! All three of us girls are sharing our 3 favourite lip products with you today.  So read onwards, and make sure you follow the links over to their blogs and check out their lippy picks too!

Rare Days Off

24 May 2016

Working two jobs means it's hard to find a free day to do much of anything. Especially relax. So when I do get a day off, it's difficult to pick just one thing to do. Find time to relax, blog, catch up on tv shows, finally get that cleaning and laundry done. 

It's kind of depressing to clean on your day off, and there's not usually anyone free to hang out on a random Tuesday.  Not that I want to share my only day free with anyone. I want it all to myself.

Splitting Cases with Pointy & the Moose

22 May 2016

Back in February I got approached by a local podcast duo about featuring in one of their upcoming recordings. It was exciting to be thought of and also nerve wracking. After a few minor setbacks like being too sick to actually talk, I finally got around to participating!

Splitting Cases with Pointy and the Moose is a fortnightly podcast where they split a case [of beer] and chat with a friend or guest about a pop culture topic of their choice. I brainstormed hard on a topic that I actually know a lot about. Which seems silly, but I really wasn't sure. I finally settled on one of my main loves. The Marvel Universe!

Core Espresso

20 May 2016

I've been a sad sap due to working so much like all the time. It also means I hardly to get to see Josh, even though we live together gosh darn it. Which seems like it would be impossible, but it's really not. Especially as he works nights, we mostly only seem to see the other while they're sleeping.

I finally had a day off, and Josh is going to Sydney for the day/night to do some for some uni course workshops. I'll see him tomorrow evening, but in order to enjoy a rare free morning together we decided to go out for breakfast. Core Espresso is a bit of a hidden gem along Darby Street, on the opposite side and up a bit further than most cafes. It's the second time I've been there for breakfast, and I had the same thing both times. 

Lovedale Long Lunch

17 May 2016

Lovedale Long Lunch is a progressive style lunch where food and wine lovers come to discover the wonders of Lovedale. Or in other words get completely plastered. The Long Lunch is like a music festival for "proper adults" where you can prove that just because you're over 50, it doesn't mean you don't want to get drunk and dance in a moshpit. 

About 40 minutes from my home town is a well known "wine country". The Hunter Valley. With far too many wineries and restaurants for me to count, it's the perfect location for a wine tour or a long lunch. 

Lovedale Long Lunch involves 7 wineries in the Lovedale area. You buy your ticket, choose three wineries to visit and grab a wine glass. You'll also get some tickets to exchange for food and cheese platters. 

My Guest Piece in Newcastle Mirage

15 May 2016

I was invited by the creators of a local Art & Culture Zine to contribute a piece for this month's edition. The zine is Newcastle Mirage and I was honoured to be considered for a guest piece truly!

The zine is printed and distributed to hundreds of cafes, bars and retail locations around the Greater Newcastle area so it was pretty cool to get some of my writing out there. 

My article was on four local blogs to follow. Where I pinpointed some sweet blogging talent from the area that I live in. It was a lot of fun to write about some of my favourite bloggers, and see my writing printed out for lots of people to see!

April Round Up

8 May 2016

I'm full of excuses to where I've been and it's all because of this wonderful PS4 game called The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. I'm working 9-5, countless days in a row. I get home and I want to veg out so I've been playing the game. The storyline in this is hectic, unlike anything I've ever seen before. With as much random shit to do as Skyrim, (one of my all time favs) except you play the main character Geralt of Rivia. Who you fall in love with as you play. Well I did anyway.

Anyway that's 100% where I've been, and I assume that will continue until I finish the game... It's a very long game I'm sorry. My PSN name is "Teegly" if you want to friend me though!

Now April.. what did I do in April. 

April Bellabox

1 May 2016

This April I received my first Bellabox and I was really keen to see what goodies I would receive. 
I was lucky enough to receive my first Bellabox for only $10! Which was definitely a large contributor to why I decided to finally give it a go. 

So take a look at some of the goodies I received this month!

Bolton Street Pantry

27 Apr 2016

Writing about cool places in my hometown is my favourite kind of post to do! As there sure is a lot of cool places to write about. It was also in my blog resolutions to do so. Not only do I enjoy doing it, but it encourages me to go and out and explore, be a tourist in my own city. Something we're all pretty crap at doing. 

Josh and I planned to come here for breakfast, but that slowly turned into brunch once we finally left the house and walked here. It was probably a good 15 minute walk from our house but it was an absolutely beautiful day!

Kylie Jenner Lipkit - Dolce K Review

19 Apr 2016

So I finally got my paws on the famous Kylie Jenner Lipkit. It gets talked up and talked about quite a lot and for good reason. It's almost impossible to get, getting released at different times, and selling out within 10 minutes. 

Not to mention it only being released at times convenient for people who live in the US. I got this baby at 7am, refreshing away until it was mine. 

My Online Shopping Wishlist - with UNiDAYS

10 Apr 2016

So I'm here to talk about UNiDAYS. Preach about really.  It's a website for students that offers discounts for basically every online shopping website that you could hope to visit. 

Pretty much every online store I've ever shopped at, has a student discount available. Ranging from about 10% and up! Depending on the store. 

It's completely free to join too! You just have to be a student. Who wants to get a bargain every time they online shop? I do! I do!

Here are 5 of my favourite online stores that UNiDAYS does discounts for, and a few items that uh just may be on my wishlist. How can I possibly feel bad about buying them .. if it's on "sale" right?

The Jurassic World Exhibition

7 Apr 2016 Melbourne Museum, Australia

I love dinosaurs! I would be soo chuffed if I had one of those cool lifelike dinosaur costumes, I would wear it around any chance I got. 
When I saw that the Jurassic World Exhibition was on in Melbourne, and that I was visiting when it was going to be on, I knew that the stars were aligning and I had to attend!
In the past I have only ever been to the Harry Potter Exhibition in Sydney, which Josh bought me a ticket to as a gift when we had only just started dating. Too cute. 
Lining up to get into the exhibition I was so jittery, bouncing around. Truly like a young child. What can I say, I love the dinos. 

March Round Up

5 Apr 2016

March was a month of fitness and looking after myself. Or at least was intended to be. I'm not sure if it took me starting to eat healthy and exercise, as well as taking daily vitamins to realise how often I get sick? This year especially. How many times I've said to myself this year, oh yes I would blog today if I wasn't so unwell today. 

Starting with this month's Couch to 5k mission, that was successfully halted with me getting a mole removed from the inside of my big toe. Mixed in with this somewhere I believe I got the flu yet again, as well as a rather unfortunate bug that took away one of my rare Saturdays off work. What a wonderful month!

Melbourne Cat Cafe

30 Mar 2016 Melbourne VIC, Australia

I really want a cat but I don't have one. So looks like the next best thing is visiting a Cat Cafe, and since there was one in Melbourne, I knew I had to stop by. 

So here's a little run down/review on my visit to the Cat Cafe. This isn't like any regular cafe, obviously, cause it's full of kitties. Which makes it the best kind of cafe in my opinion. Because of this you need to book in when you're going to attend, as well as pay for entry. They don't want to overwhelm the kittie with too many people. 

Each hour of the day is a different session that you can book for. It's $10 an hour to visit, and only 15 people are allowed to be in the cafe each hour. You get a little numbered lanyard to wear, so they know that no one has snuck in to pet the kitties. 

Getting a Mole Removed

25 Mar 2016

If you're a regular reader then you probably would have seen me talk about how important it is to get your skin checked. Especially if you're an Aussie, as the Southern Sun can be mighty hot. 

It doesn't seem like that long ago now that I spotted a mole on the inside of my big toe, and realised that it didn't exactly look that great. I booked an appointment with the Skin Cancer Clinic so that I could get a professional opinion on the situation.

New Hair + Lush's R&B Hair Moisturiser

23 Mar 2016

If you're a follower of my instagram, (you should be!) then you would have seen that this month I changed my hair up again. I went shorter and I also went blonder on the ends. Something I have wanted to do for ages. 

I also got my fringe cut shorter again, I love my blunt baby bangs. My new hair meant the ends had been bleached quite a bit, so they're a bit dryer and brittle than I would have liked so I need to get something really moisturising and good to put in my hair after I would shower.

Scruffee - The Full Body Coffee Scrub

18 Mar 2016

I am sooo excited to be able to review this coffee scrub, that is handmade here in my home town! I love finding great products and places around Newcastle, and a coffee scrub is no exception. It also goes great with my plan to blog more about my city. 

If you've never tried out a coffee scrub before, then you're missing out! Scruffee combines your two great loves, showers and coffee. This gorgeous scrub is overflowing with antioxidant-rich arabica coffee, organic coconut oil & aloe vera leaf extract.

Coffee scrubs are also great, because they're jam packed with so many goodies, they do way more than just exfoliate. Scruffee also works to soften and tone your beautiful bod, while you scrub. 

Anyway, I gave Scruffee a go, and here's how it went!

Skin Checks Save Lives

11 Mar 2016

I'm going to hit you with some facts and they're shit but they're important. 2 in 3 Australians will be diagnosed with Skin Cancer before they are 70. Around 2,000 Aussies die from Skin Cancer each year, compared to the 12,000+ that are diagnosed with it. 

Fortunately there are measures you can take to prevent yourself from skin cancers or at least catch it early enough. I'm writing this post because at the beginning of February I found a obscure looking mole on the inside of my big toe. 

Body Issues

7 Mar 2016

After a fatal mix of 10 nights on a cruise, and then the following 7 nights as a flu-ridden immobile blob, I have put on weight. Thus sinking into a pit of blubbery despair as I attempt to lose the added kilos without resorting to starving myself for a solid 5 days (at least). I think Josh would notice if I tried to.

Bath Brew Review

4 Mar 2016

I got this awesome treat from my good friend Tilly as one my birthday gifts last November. I hadn't used it yet partly because my bathtub was dusty, and also it's usually quite hot upstairs where the bath is. Not really the temperature that makes you want to have take a hot bath.

Bath Brew, a giant tea bag for the bath! I was very excited when I unwrapped this to probably no one's surprise. Tilly picked out the Chai Bath version which is perfect because I love Chai! The taste, the smell, it's a great flavour. 

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