January Round Up

31 Jan 2016

January has reached a rather speedy end. It seemed to go quickly, yet not too fast. If you know what I mean. Instead of occasional life lately posts, I'm only going to be doing end of month round ups, but they're going to cover a variety of random stuff. So it's better! Probably!

I've been having a pretty good month, picking up extra hours at my second job and dropping them at my first. Which might mean a little switcheroo in which one I'd count as my first job from now on. 
I've also been excitedly planning my upcoming vacation! Which I'll tell you all about shortly.

For now, let's see January. 

Growing English Ivy from a Cutting

29 Jan 2016

For anyone who knows me in real life, you'll know that I'm a bit of a plant nut. Well for anyone who only knows me through my blog you probably know that too. I have a whole bunch of indoor plants and I really want to add ivy to that list. I would love to grow it on a bit of an indoor kind of climbing wall type deal. Like living art, which is kind of what I think all my plants are.

 So anyway, I have been waiting for some ivy to come into stock at my local plant place, but no such luck as of yet. Then I realised wait a second, I have a whole bunch of ivy at my place! Now I've just got to learn how to propagate it.

So here are all the steps to growing your own ivy from a cutting.

15 (real) Things You Should Know Before Dating a Girl Who Blogs

25 Jan 2016

Cosmopolitan UK just posted a supposedly "relatable post", about 15 things you should know before dating a girl who blogs. Any actual blogger who has read it, has laughed and shaken their head disapprovingly. As basically nothing that is in the post is true, not even at all. 

In fact it puts us bloggers in a mostly negative light. Completely unnecessary and ignorant to say the least. Anyway this post is all in fun, and all you need to know 

So here's 15 Real Things You Should Know Before Dating a Girl Who Blogs

Mac's Velvet Teddy

22 Jan 2016

I'm sorry if anyone clicked on this post curious on how I'd be writing about velvet teddy bears. This is hardly that exciting, or is it more so? I think a lot of people have been on the hunt for a quite a while to find the perfect nude lippy. 

One that is light, and closer to your skin tone, but doesn't blend in and is still pink. It's hard to describe but we all have that perfect nude shade in mind. The one that would suit us and our skin perfectly. 

Why I Should Get a Cat

18 Jan 2016

Now this isn't a post that's meant to convince anyone to let me have a cat. It's just a post where I can ramble on about kitties and how much I would like one, and probably just make me feel sad at the end because I do not have a cat. 

So here are some good reasons, why I should get a cat. 

Plants are Friends

15 Jan 2016

Ah yes, please recognise that I am the furthest thing from a fashion blogger. In fact I need some serious help on how to post, and how to have a straight face that doesn't look sad, angry and chubby all at the same time. Those are the dreams right there. 
I have been trying to be good with my clothes purchases as well, so I don't have too many new things to showcase. But I bought this shirt a little while ago and I still love it. Especially as it is very "me". 

Don't Argue with Me

13 Jan 2016

Nope. Don't even start. I don't want to hear it. I don't want you to tell me your opinion on this topic that I didn't even ask you about. I don't mean on the topic of arguing. I'm talking any particular topic on which there are multiple opinions on. All topics. Probably. 

I'm incredibly non-confrontational. Even if I have a problem with someone, I will not jump in their face and scream what is your problem?? Well maybe if I was driven straight the edge of insanity, but what can I say, I haven't arrived there yet. 

My Summer Bucket List

11 Jan 2016

We are about halfway through Summer at the moment, but it's not too late to have a good time! You might be just about running out of cool ideas to do during the hotter days. It has actually been pretty crappy weather the past few week here, but I'm sure it will heat up again shortly. 

For all my Northern Hemisphere pals, you'll just have to pin this and come back to it during your Summer! For everyone else, enjoy! Don't forget to wear plenty of sunscreen this season, don't want you to get any nasty sunburn!

My Favourite Indoor Plants

8 Jan 2016

I love my plants! I don't know what exactly made me become such a green thumb. But I've been bitten by the gardening bug and I'm not looking back! I have quite a few plants in the house and outside in the courtyard. It would kind of take a while to photograph and talk about all of them. So I've picked my five favourite indoor ones today to show you and talk a bit about!

The Tea Project

5 Jan 2016 177 King St, Newcastle NSW 2300, Australia

On an overly grey and rainy Tuesday, wearing our winter coats in the middle of Summer. My good friend Tilly and I decided to venture out to the place we had been meaning to stop by since it opened. One of my New Year's Resolutions was to write about more cool spots in my city, so I grabbed my camera and umbrella and headed down into the city. 

The Tea Project is a delightful little establishment on King Street run by a lady with a penchant for tea. Don't be fooled by the charmingly cosy interior. This tea room is serious when it comes to all things tea. Many a soul turn and high tail after discovering that the aptly named "Tea Project" stocks only tea and no coffee. But not the two of us, who can be found on the regular sipping from teacups of new blends we've picked up. 

What I Got for Christmas

3 Jan 2016

I love having a little look into the lives of other people and seeing what they got for Christmas, and I'm guessing you do too! Christmas is reasonably hectic for me in my life as I have three Christmases in the one day. 

Not everything I got is pictured here obviously. I picked out some specifically cool stuff, and overall main gifts. Thank you so much to anyone who is reading this that bought me something for Christmas! I'm looking at you Santa! But seriously, everyone is way too generous. I had a lovely Christmas. 

Now let's have a look at what I got. 

My Goals for 2016

1 Jan 2016

2015 has been a huge year for me! A lot has happened and it's not reflected in my resolutions, but I'll talk about them in an upcoming Anti-Bucket List post. Wait and see!

I'm a firm believer in setting only a handful of yearly goals, making sure they are reasonably specific and not too unreachable. Being a blogger is an excellent way to know that I have my resolutions written down and in an easy to find place. 

So let's see how I did this year.

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