Melbourne Cat Cafe

30 Mar 2016 Melbourne VIC, Australia

I really want a cat but I don't have one. So looks like the next best thing is visiting a Cat Cafe, and since there was one in Melbourne, I knew I had to stop by. 

So here's a little run down/review on my visit to the Cat Cafe. This isn't like any regular cafe, obviously, cause it's full of kitties. Which makes it the best kind of cafe in my opinion. Because of this you need to book in when you're going to attend, as well as pay for entry. They don't want to overwhelm the kittie with too many people. 

Each hour of the day is a different session that you can book for. It's $10 an hour to visit, and only 15 people are allowed to be in the cafe each hour. You get a little numbered lanyard to wear, so they know that no one has snuck in to pet the kitties. 

Getting a Mole Removed

25 Mar 2016

If you're a regular reader then you probably would have seen me talk about how important it is to get your skin checked. Especially if you're an Aussie, as the Southern Sun can be mighty hot. 

It doesn't seem like that long ago now that I spotted a mole on the inside of my big toe, and realised that it didn't exactly look that great. I booked an appointment with the Skin Cancer Clinic so that I could get a professional opinion on the situation.

New Hair + Lush's R&B Hair Moisturiser

23 Mar 2016

If you're a follower of my instagram, (you should be!) then you would have seen that this month I changed my hair up again. I went shorter and I also went blonder on the ends. Something I have wanted to do for ages. 

I also got my fringe cut shorter again, I love my blunt baby bangs. My new hair meant the ends had been bleached quite a bit, so they're a bit dryer and brittle than I would have liked so I need to get something really moisturising and good to put in my hair after I would shower.

Scruffee - The Full Body Coffee Scrub

18 Mar 2016

I am sooo excited to be able to review this coffee scrub, that is handmade here in my home town! I love finding great products and places around Newcastle, and a coffee scrub is no exception. It also goes great with my plan to blog more about my city. 

If you've never tried out a coffee scrub before, then you're missing out! Scruffee combines your two great loves, showers and coffee. This gorgeous scrub is overflowing with antioxidant-rich arabica coffee, organic coconut oil & aloe vera leaf extract.

Coffee scrubs are also great, because they're jam packed with so many goodies, they do way more than just exfoliate. Scruffee also works to soften and tone your beautiful bod, while you scrub. 

Anyway, I gave Scruffee a go, and here's how it went!

Skin Checks Save Lives

11 Mar 2016

I'm going to hit you with some facts and they're shit but they're important. 2 in 3 Australians will be diagnosed with Skin Cancer before they are 70. Around 2,000 Aussies die from Skin Cancer each year, compared to the 12,000+ that are diagnosed with it. 

Fortunately there are measures you can take to prevent yourself from skin cancers or at least catch it early enough. I'm writing this post because at the beginning of February I found a obscure looking mole on the inside of my big toe. 

Body Issues

7 Mar 2016

After a fatal mix of 10 nights on a cruise, and then the following 7 nights as a flu-ridden immobile blob, I have put on weight. Thus sinking into a pit of blubbery despair as I attempt to lose the added kilos without resorting to starving myself for a solid 5 days (at least). I think Josh would notice if I tried to.

Bath Brew Review

4 Mar 2016

I got this awesome treat from my good friend Tilly as one my birthday gifts last November. I hadn't used it yet partly because my bathtub was dusty, and also it's usually quite hot upstairs where the bath is. Not really the temperature that makes you want to have take a hot bath.

Bath Brew, a giant tea bag for the bath! I was very excited when I unwrapped this to probably no one's surprise. Tilly picked out the Chai Bath version which is perfect because I love Chai! The taste, the smell, it's a great flavour. 

February Round Up

1 Mar 2016

I don't even remember it being February, that's how fast this month has gone. I went on a 10 night cruise from Sydney to around the Pacific Islands, including Vanuatu & New Caledonia. I had a really great time, met a few nice people and drank a lot of Midori Splices. Which would have to be my new fav cocktail. 

February was an absolute bust blogging wise because I didn't have any wifi or internet for the entire time I was away on holidays. Then when I got back I didn't actually have any internet in my house! Finally I got the internet back at home and I got too sick to blog, or even sit at the computer. Then suddenly February was over. So there goes that. Well we've still got the rest of the year! 

Here's February!

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