Bolton Street Pantry

27 Apr 2016

Writing about cool places in my hometown is my favourite kind of post to do! As there sure is a lot of cool places to write about. It was also in my blog resolutions to do so. Not only do I enjoy doing it, but it encourages me to go and out and explore, be a tourist in my own city. Something we're all pretty crap at doing. 

Josh and I planned to come here for breakfast, but that slowly turned into brunch once we finally left the house and walked here. It was probably a good 15 minute walk from our house but it was an absolutely beautiful day!

Kylie Jenner Lipkit - Dolce K Review

19 Apr 2016

So I finally got my paws on the famous Kylie Jenner Lipkit. It gets talked up and talked about quite a lot and for good reason. It's almost impossible to get, getting released at different times, and selling out within 10 minutes. 

Not to mention it only being released at times convenient for people who live in the US. I got this baby at 7am, refreshing away until it was mine. 

My Online Shopping Wishlist - with UNiDAYS

10 Apr 2016

So I'm here to talk about UNiDAYS. Preach about really.  It's a website for students that offers discounts for basically every online shopping website that you could hope to visit. 

Pretty much every online store I've ever shopped at, has a student discount available. Ranging from about 10% and up! Depending on the store. 

It's completely free to join too! You just have to be a student. Who wants to get a bargain every time they online shop? I do! I do!

Here are 5 of my favourite online stores that UNiDAYS does discounts for, and a few items that uh just may be on my wishlist. How can I possibly feel bad about buying them .. if it's on "sale" right?

The Jurassic World Exhibition

7 Apr 2016 Melbourne Museum, Australia

I love dinosaurs! I would be soo chuffed if I had one of those cool lifelike dinosaur costumes, I would wear it around any chance I got. 
When I saw that the Jurassic World Exhibition was on in Melbourne, and that I was visiting when it was going to be on, I knew that the stars were aligning and I had to attend!
In the past I have only ever been to the Harry Potter Exhibition in Sydney, which Josh bought me a ticket to as a gift when we had only just started dating. Too cute. 
Lining up to get into the exhibition I was so jittery, bouncing around. Truly like a young child. What can I say, I love the dinos. 

March Round Up

5 Apr 2016

March was a month of fitness and looking after myself. Or at least was intended to be. I'm not sure if it took me starting to eat healthy and exercise, as well as taking daily vitamins to realise how often I get sick? This year especially. How many times I've said to myself this year, oh yes I would blog today if I wasn't so unwell today. 

Starting with this month's Couch to 5k mission, that was successfully halted with me getting a mole removed from the inside of my big toe. Mixed in with this somewhere I believe I got the flu yet again, as well as a rather unfortunate bug that took away one of my rare Saturdays off work. What a wonderful month!

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