Royal Essence Candles

24 Jun 2016

You can only review so many candles before you're like nah that's enough or you turn into this girl. I was probably just about at my candle reviewing end until I got asked to review one with a bit of a twist. 
Every Royal Essence candle* comes with a ring inside, that you can only access by lighting and melting the soy wax. 

May Bellabox

9 Jun 2016

I'm always keen to see what's going to arrive in my newest Bellabox delivery! My package delivery guy goes, "Just your Bellabox today Tegan." What a legend. If you're new to the world of Subscription boxes, then here's the scoop.

 Bellaboxes are nifty little boxes that arrive once a month with a variety of beauty products for you to try out. Most often you get sample sizes but on occasion you'll get the full sized product which is always cool. You also usually get a discount voucher to use to purchase certain products too. Which is a great motivator to buy products if you like them.

Let's take a look what I received this month!

May Catch Up

7 Jun 2016

I finally picked up my game a little bit last month with blogging. I guess there was time between the release of the most recent Witcher expansion pack ha. It's great though for real. The month was stressful overall though. Working two jobs with very little time off. I'm saving a bit of money though but not for any specific reason. Which is okay I guess. 

It's been getting colder here now that's Winter. Not as cold as some places my readers are from that's for sure. But hey it's Australia, we're known for the heat. Anyhoo read on for updates on my month. 

PS. I'm currently listening to "Keep the Family Close" by Drake on repeat. I like it okay!

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