Newcastle Fashion Weekend

24 Nov 2017 Darling St, Broadmeadow NSW 2292, Australia

I live in Newcastle. A not so small town, two hours North of Sydney. It's on the coast and it has many a great cafe, restaurant and boutique. It's becoming more well known which is what we aim for. Really putting the place on the map. 
Hosting great events is one way to help this, enter Newcastle's first annual fashion weekend. 

Newcastle Fashion Weekend was produced to do exactly that. To fill the missing void of fashion events in Newcastle and it certainly made a start. 
Hosted at the Newcastle Jockey Club, more than a thousand fashion loving folk flocked to Newcastle to watch a showcase of Aussie designs on the runway. 

It was a day not to be missed. 

Decorating with Printiki

14 Nov 2017

I am always seeing the nicest inspiration pictures on pinterest of ways to decorate with polaroid pictures. They're always awesome and often involve a lot of polaroids. The one drama with recreating this is that a polaroid camera and individual polaroids are so expensive. Much more so than regular photos.

In comes Printiki, with an affordable as heck way to fill your home with polaroid style photos.
Hardly anyone actually prints out photos anymore, what with iphones able to carry an entire life's worth of photos on it. No one needs to look through your photo album when they follow you on instagram. 

But photos are still a great way to decorate! Which was why i was so keen to try out Printiki.

Pieces from Jewellery Box

5 Nov 2017

UK online store Jewellery Box recently sent me two pieces that I picked out of their online collection.

I picked these lovely threader earrings with arrows on the end as well as a small stack of rings.

I love how you can thread the earrings through more than one pierced hole. It’s such a dainty piece that goes along nicely with any other earrings you may have. I am always swapping out my earrings so having a little threader in was a nice way to change it up.

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