You Don't have to Grow Up!

20 December 2018

Do you ever just feel like you’re supposed to act old? Adults would always tell you that you don't start getting older on the inside, only the outside and that you would just start acting more mature. But what if you don't? It's not like it's just some magical switch inside of you that switches you into a grown up!

 Sometimes it can feel like you’ve outgrown so many things in your life, and there are just some things that aren’t acceptable for you to do anymore. Not that anyone is telling you that you can’t do it, you just feel as though it's the social norms. But you don’t have to necessarily be ‘old’ to even start thinking these things. You could be a year older than you were last year, yet feel as though going out for a few too many cocktails and being loud and proud with your girlies just isn’t appropriate. Well, I'm here to be that force that’s going to tell you that you’re never too old to have some fun. In fact, you’re never too old to do anything at all, because the only person that’s going to be stopping you is yourself.

So cast away the stereotype you’ve put on yourself, and see if any of these fun things to do appeal to you!

Something Energetic

Ooft, now I bet this is a paragraph you very nearly skipped. As soon as someone mentions something energetic, it’s easy for people to dart to the hills. Because I know that getting a buzz and being able to actually be energetic can be hard, whether it's day or night. It can be a struggle.

But what if you were to do something that’s energetic and actually fun? Something that gets your blood pumping, but your stomach hurting because of all the laughter you and your friends could have, that’s if you can get them to go! How about trying adult dance classes? They can be a great way to keep yourself in shape, without having to feel like it’s a chore. You'll learn something new, meet new people and just have an all-round great time!

Something Thrilling

Maybe you feel as though your life is slowing down a little bit and it’s time to put a little fun back into your day! Do something totally crazy like skydiving or bungee jumping. You might not have considered it before because… well… it’s just a bit crazy. But the thrill you'll get from doing something like this is just amazing, and you can’t help but feel like you’ve achieved something that not many people get the chance to do!

Something Spur Of The Moment

Being spontaneous is something we generally lack as we get older because we just don’t feel like we have the spare time to do it. But if you try to live spontaneously, you really are living freely! Do something like packing the car and going for a spur of the moment road trip with your friends, or book a holiday for next week just because you feel like it. Obviously, it's not always easy to do these things so you can edit to fit your lifestyle. Being spontaneous is such an exciting way to live your life, you just have to let go of that control you feel like your life has!
Good luck, and I believe in you! 
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