Beat the Chill During the Polar Vortex

4 February 2019

Australia doesn't really get that cold, I'll have to admit. I've never really had to deal with the levels of freezing the US is going through at the moment and it's currently Summer here. The coldest weather I ever had to deal with was when I stayed in New York a few years ago, just after the huge blizzard had gone through!

I've been looking at all these images showing just how cold it is in the US at the moment and they're crazy! So I've rounded up a few ways you can try to at least beat the winter chill.

It doesn’t matter what time of day you step outside at the minute, it’s just absolutely freezing. You can’t escape the cold, and it seems even the safety of your own bed can be a little chilly until you wake up first thing in the morning and realise you’ve never been so toasty and comfy.

But unless you really are a lover of winter and all of the cold chills that come with it, you’ve got a problem on your hands right now. It only seems to be getting colder, and the warmth of that summer sun is just so far away right now. So, we want to give you a few tips that should help you to beat that winter chill once and for all.

Keeping Your Home Nice & Toasty

So, your home is probably the place that you’re going to spend the most time if you’re a hater of the cold. The last thing you’ll want to do is rush outside to spend time in the icy breeze. But, there are plenty of ways that you can stop the inside of your home feeling terribly cold, without having to spend an absolute fortune on bills like people usually have to.

The first option on the list would be to look at getting an indoor gas heater that works efficiently, yet keeps your home so nice and toasty that you can barely stand to leave it. Having an electric fire in your living room will be the next best thing for you if you don’t have one already! To top it off, you could get a nice fluffy rug to put in front of it so that when you’re wanting to get extra comfy, you can just cuddle up on the rug with a few pillows surrounding you! I had one at my mum's house and it always kept the house so warm!

Foods To Keep You Warm Inside

Food is definitely the best medicine when it comes to keeping you warm, and I've got two options that should easily keep you nice and toasty. Good ole hot chocolate! Nothing like a big steaming mug of hot choccie and sitting down in front of the tv to watch Netflix, or in my current case, play Kingdom Hearts. My second favourite winter treat would have to be pumpkin soup! Pumpkin is definitely my favourite of all the soups, and it goes great with some crunchy sourdough on the side.
Honestly, if it wasn't super hot outside here (in Australia!) I'd be getting myself some soup right now!

Making The Most Of The Bad Situation

If you’re going to have to brave the cold, or even just look at the frost on your car that you know you’re soon going to have to get into, you’re going to have to make the most of a bad situation.

A top way of doing that could be to do a bit of retail therapy and get yourself some nice warm jumpers, and a winter coat that beats any cold! I've had my I AM GIA "Pixie" coat for years now, and it's still the snuggliest thing that I own! I even tend to wear it around the house as a dressing gown!

Have fun and stay warm!

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