Change up Your Bedroom (on a budget!)

27 March 2019

Your bedroom is where I spend most of my time (even though I may be asleep for a large majority of that). When you’re ill, you curl up in bed, you read here on lazy Sunday mornings, and you get ready to go out and face the world here. All of these things are super important, and seeing the inside of a bedroom that you don’t really like can be pretty stressful. After all, it should be a place where you can relax!

No matter what your budget is, though, you can make some changes, and we’ve noted down a few ideas here.

Add fairy lights

Fairy lights are one of those things that make any space look so much better. Really, is there anything that they don’t improve? Whether you put some hooks up on your walls and drape them around, or you fill mason jars with them, you can really make an impact just by changing up your lighting to some magical fairy lights. They won’t break the bank, either, so see what you can find!

Buy some plants

Plants are also brilliant for changing up any space, and they won’t cost you a lot either. In fact, if you have some plant pots lying around at home, you could take them straight out of your garden! Not only will they improve your mental health, but they will also improve the air in your apartment, and who doesn’t want that? (Hello, people living in the city). Check out your options at markets and stores.

Change the paint/wallpaper

Some rooms are just brought down by the fact that they’re still adorned with that 1950s wallpaper. Whilst it works well sometimes, there are other situations where you just need to replace it. Before you do this, be sure that there aren’t any structural issues, and that you’ve looked into detecting a leak in your home. Taking your brand new wallpaper down could be pretty annoying.

Purchase some cushions

OK, there is objectively nothing better than a bed covered in fluffy cushions and throws, especially on those colder days. If you want to make a big difference to your bedroom on a small budget, then this is definitely a good idea. You can buy these things pretty cheap online, or get them from markets and stores if you shop around a little, so see how you can make your bed super comfortable!

Paint your furniture

If you’re really on a budget, why not try your hand at upcycling some of your furniture? Say goodbye to those old colours that you’re not too fond of, and hello to your brand new painted bookshelf or desk. Maybe you could change the handles on them, too, if you really want to have your own personalised, upcycled piece of furniture to show off to the world? See what you can create!

So, if you want to change up your bedroom on a budget, then try out some of these simple tips to get that perfect abode!

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