Make Your Garden More "You"

9 March 2019

Whatever your personal style,  it's nice to make sure that where you live reflects it. Sometimes we resist the temptation to plaster our personality all over the place. But it can be worth doing this because it will make us feel that we truly embody a space. 

Our garden is one of those areas that may not seem so malleable when it comes to showing off our personality. But you'd be surprised as to how your garden can you show off who you are.

Making The Most Of The Blank Canvas

If your garden is more than just brick and stone, and you have a proper yard then you probably have a lawn. This means that you will want the grass to be strong and vibrant. Take advantage of the nearest fertiliser suppliers like and feed the grass good quality seed and fertiliser. 

As well as this, start to think about the space altogether and what can be done with it. If you only have a limited amount of space to play with, you need to be more organised. The more organised personality may decide to have everything in its right place (on there are some habits of organised people if you want to provide these little nuggets in your garden space). Being organised is a very admirable trait, but if this is not who you are then you may want to throw the kitchen sink at it...

Highlighting Your Confidence

If you are an extroverted person, you can throw pretty much anything at it. If you have a wide lawn space, this gives you the opportunity to do whatever you want. If you feel that you have a vibrant and extroverted personality, let this be reflected in the space.

Revealing How You Treat Others

You wouldn't think that a garden can communicate so much about a person, but a well-kept garden, where you devote a lot of time to the flowers and plants can show that you are a caring and dedicated person. Besides, when you look after plants, in many ways, it's like looking after children, who are very much like delicate flowers. Arranging plants in a certain way, and ensuring that the flowers are well nourished can reflect our positive attitude towards our loved ones.

How You View The World

The garden is the one space you have control over because you can nurture and nourish it, and organise it in a way that you see fit. If you have a certain attitude towards the world, and you want your natural tendencies to be reflected, water features and rustic stone items can be placed in the garden to highlight your green attitude towards the world.

Making your garden reflect your personality becomes a nice little hobby because it is a space that's not easily malleable, and over time, if you want the garden to reflect your personality in such a way, you can use it, not just so the space benefits, but your dedication to building it up can make you change your attitudes. It can nurture you as well!

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