5 Gardening Essentials!

11 April 2019

We all want to achieve a beautiful, flourishing garden.
And, we all want to achieve this as efficiently as possible. In my townhouse, I can only have plants in pots as there isn't enough space. So some of these things will work for small spaces and others will work better if you have a full garden to work with!

Shovels and Spades

If you take a look at the different garden supplies online, then you will see that there is a wealth of various types of shovels and shades. These do not merely differ for design reasons; they actually all have their different purposes. Some shovels and spades are better for planting shrubs, others are better for planting large perennials, others have the purpose of breaking the ground, whilst others are merely suited to moving soil and leaves. 

They also differ in terms of hand holds as well. There are generally three different options when it comes to the shovel or spades handle. These are as follows; ‘T’ shape, ‘D’ shape or absolutely no handles at all. Nonetheless, no matter what type of spade or shovel you go for there is one consistent factor you should be looking out for, and that is a sharp blade. The sharper the blade is the better.

Grow Tent

If you want your garden to truly flourish, a grow tent is a must. Head to https://thehippiehouse.com.au/collections/grow-tents to see these products in further detail. A grow tent will enable you to grow a hydroponic indoor garden. This makes your gardening more versatile and enables you to achieve things you otherwise would not be able to.

Small Trimmer

If you have hedges in your garden then a trimmer is a must. This makes sure they keep their beautiful shape and do not end up overgrown. If you don’t have a trimmer then your hedges are going to become your worst nightmare. A small trimmer can make any gardeners’ life much easier. The small version is a lot easier to handle and so beginners will be able to cope with this type of gardening equipment. Look out for cordless ones. The last thing you want to do is have to traipse a wire around your outdoor space.


Loppers are like a bigger version of secateurs. They are bigger in size and so you will be able to reach larger heights – such as when cutting branches off trees. Head to https://www.chicagotribune.com/lifestyles/home/ct-life-1104-garden-morton-20181024-story.html for some tips on this. Not only this, but they can cut materials of a bigger diameter in comparison to hand pruners as well. If you purchase a pair of loppers then you will be able to cut anything up to approximately two inches in diameter with this piece of gardening equipment.


Trust me, as a gal who has a lot of cacti in her garden, you're going to need some of these. Get some that are classified as cut proof. They will likely be rubber across the entire front of your hand. That's your palm and fingers. These will save your life when you're dealing with spiky plants. I can practically hug my cactus in these babies.
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