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7 April 2019

How we choose to present ourselves to the world is a deeply personal thing. Our style sets out how we want to be seen, and allows us one of the most unique forms of self-expression available. 

Our style can give us renewed energy and the confidence to take on whatever the day throws at us. If you're aiming to reinvent yourself or even just rediscover what you like about yourself, then putting on a killer outfit that you feel incredible in can be a great shortcut. 

Fashion may seem trivial but it's far from that - it's a form of dialogue that we have with the world, and it can shape the actions of others and also how we feel about ourselves.

Our style is something that should be ever-changing - a journey, not a destination. Finding true chic means identifying something authentic, that factors in your lifestyle, activities and personal preferences. This naturally evolves over time as our circumstances change. And that means that it's not unusual to feel that you've lost your way from time to time - that what used to look and feel good suddenly doesn't anymore. The good news is that it's fairly easy to rediscover what makes you happy in terms of your style. With a few simple steps, you can get back in touch with your signature style and start expressing yourself to the world.

Understand Your Body Shape

Having confidence from how you look doesn't have to be about body shape or a number on the scales. When you feel good in something, you look good. And feeling good in garments comes from finding pieces which fit well and enhance your body shape. 

Fashion is a bag of tricks, allowing you to enhance or disguise certain features. Paying attention to silhouettes and proportions can do wonders. Pay attention to the seams of clothes and how they sit on your body. A simple trick to make you look a million dollars is to have a tailor alter your off-the-rack garments. 

This isn't expensive, but it can certainly be a game-changer for how they look on you. You don't have to follow every trend blindly if it doesn't suit your shape - you'll always look better in styles that work for your body type.

Become Style Inspired

Re-finding your style when you've lost your way is all about getting inspired. Pick out celebrities or bloggers who have a similar body shape to your own and pay attention to how they style their looks and what shapes they choose to wear. Pinterest boards on fashion are a brilliant way to start. 

You may find that you begin to see a common thread in the items you're choosing to pin, and that will help you decide on the gaps on your wardrobe and what you need to fill. Refer back to this board before you go shopping to keep your style uppermost in your mind.

Keep An Outfit Diary

Sometimes in the morning, it can be hard to wake up and have the ideas ready to put together a brilliant outfit, so it's a good idea to keep a photo diary of combinations of your clothes that you like and feel good in. Whenever you're stuck for an outfit then, you can look back and find something that you know you look and felt great in.

Treat Yourself

The philosophy behind great fashion links into the concept of self-care. When we are kind to ourselves, treat ourselves nicely and have respect for who we are, then dressing well becomes a way to honour that. Just like arranging a flower delivery to cheer ourselves up, finding that killer blazer or perfect pair of jeans gives us a feel-good boost. This doesn't always have to mean spending lots of cash. Going thrifting can be just as much fun to find lots of amazing pieces at a fraction of their brand new price.

Put Your Week Together

We all have time pressured mornings, whether we're rushing to get to work on time, fit in an early morning workout or get kids off to nursery or school. Take the stress out of getting dressed by prepping a week's worth of outfits on a Sunday evening, ready to go. Look ahead to see what you have scheduled and plan each day out, then hang the clothes together in your closet, along with shoes and accessories. 

There won't be any last minute panics frantically going through the laundry hamper trying to find the only blouse that goes with that skirt, and you'll always look pulled together and on point, without having to rush.

Develop A Capsule Wardrobe

As a further extension of the concept above, you could decide to go for a capsule wardrobe - especially if the idea of a more minimalist life appeals to you. The less you have to choose in the morning, the less likely you are to get decision fatigue. A capsule wardrobe is a small collection of garments which are all designed to work together. You buy a lot less, but the best quality that you can afford, and enjoy wearing. Even if you're too much of a maximalist to fully commit, you could do a seasonal capsule wardrobe or a working one, and then be a bit more free on the weekends.

Find A Signature Shortcut

Truly elegant individuals almost always have some sort of a signature look which they have developed over time to suit themselves. It could be that you're into silk scarves and always wear one as part of your outfit, looped around a bag handle or tied in new ways in your hair or around your neck. You may have a great collection of hats. Or it could even be something as simple as red lipstick. The idea is to have a handle that other people instantly associate with you.

Take Care Of The Details

Finally, the devil really is in the details as they say. Take care of the small matters which it's easy to overlook and you'll look so much better in a very subtle, almost indefinable way. That means making sure your clothes are always pressed, any loose hems are taken care of and your whites are always bright. These minor things can make all the difference in how polished you look.

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