Flowers that are Associated with Romance

26 April 2019

There is a lot to consider when choosing wedding flowers. You need to ensure that they fit in with the style of the venue and the colour scheme you have selected. 

First and foremost, Gardenia flowers are worth considering. They have a stunning appearance, and they have long been associated with traditional romance. Forget-Me-Not flowers are a great option if you are looking to break away from the traditional roses and abundant flowers. These plants are beautiful, and, as the name suggests, they symbolise that you and your partner will never forget one and other. This plant is also a symbolisation of faithful love that is full of memories.

Of course, it would not be right to mention romantic flowers without talking about the red rose. This has long been a symbol of passionate love. You could even learn how to grow roses to add your very own flowers to your bouquet for an extra special touch. If you are someone who likes to stick with tradition, you may find it difficult to stray away from roses.

Orchids also make beautiful artificial wedding flowers. They are associated with strength, luxury, beauty, and love. Or, what about daisies? Daises epitomise love in its purest form, making them an ideal choice for weddings. 

Rose Meaning By Colour

If you ask anyone what a rose symbolises, you can rest assured that the vast majority will say love. While this is true to an extent, the symbol of a rose is dependent on its colour. With that being said, read on to discover more about roses and the messages you can convey with different colour roses.

So, let’s begin with the most popular rose – the red rose. The red rose has a deep connection with love. It means passion, desire, and ‘I love you’, which is why we often gift a red rose to our partner on Valentine’s Day. But, what about other colours?

Let’s begin with blue roses, which are only possible if you go for silk flowers, as they cannot be purchased fresh. This is why they symbolise the desire for the unattainable.

A lavender rose is a way of expressing ‘love at first sight’. This flower is associated with adoration, splendour, and enchantment. Orange roses are a representation of energy and passion.

Flower bouquets that contain a mixture of colours can mean that you have mixed feelings – you like someone, but you don’t love them yet. This is not a negative thing; it is great for those who are getting to know someone and are in the early days of their relationship.

Pink roses convey gentle emotions, like gratitude, joy, admiration, and appreciation. Yellow roses are a symbol of friendship. This flower is also linked with feelings of warmth and joy.

Finally, white is the colour of innocence, chastity, and purity, and thus white roses are associated with this. They are also indicative of spirituality.

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