Planning Ahead: Southeast Asia

11 April 2019

Southeast Asia is truly an undiscovered paradise. There are so many parts of these incredible islands that are untouched, unblemished and have escaped the modern world. But equally, Southeast Asia also names claim to some of the most modernised and extravagant cities in the world! From a travelling aspect, that's the perfect blend of city and country landscape to experience. Some may prefer the hustle and bustle of city life whereas others may prefer the dozy days of a scenic nature trail. Whatever your bag, these incredible isles will have something for everyone.

Starting out on a travelling trip, there's always going to be the idea of costs, time and money in your head; unfortunately, travelling isn't a free gig! The concept is simple, get from A to B. Though in practice it's a simple idea, travelling is all about the journey, not the destination - a cliché saying, yes, but a truth regardless! And with this journey of yours breeds a plan of what you're going to do and when. Others like the idea of going with the flow and not planning ahead and if this is how you like to do things, then by all means, go ahead! But if you want to save that extra bit of cash and time, then it would be prudent to devise your plan of A to B!

For many, you'll instantly decide to where you want to go, in this case, Indonesia may be the first spot you'll want to hit. With this, comes a bit of planning, where you're going to visit, what you're going to do, where you're going to stay and so on. If you know where you want to go and when, then use your good ole' friend, the internet! You're best to look at accommodation costs for the places you want to go, to see what your budget allows, as this is usually the least cost-friendly expense you'll experience, unfortunately. But don't fear! With a bit of careful planning and good decision making, you'll be able to make a go of your trip at a price that won't break the bank.

A quick Google will bring up million-and-one results, as it always does. You'll end up scrolling through hundreds upon hundreds of guides of where and what to do in Indonesia, which is great - but a lot of information to take in. Jakarta will probably be the #1 recommended place to go upon a glance at the Google results, and for good reason! Your best bet is to check for short term rentals in Jakarta, Indonesia's capital, to get a solid understanding of what sort of pricing you'll be looking at for accommodation.

Indonesia is a notoriously beautiful country; it captures both the untouched wonder of nature and also the modernised metropolitan city living. If you're after either or both, Jakarta will more than likely tick your boxes. Jakarta is a cultural hub for the Southeast Asian isles, so if you're after a bit of culture too then adding the capital to your list is probably the way to go - a bit like killing two birds with one stone! Actually, make that three birds! Jakarta also houses the old port of Sunda Kelapa which makes it a coastal city, so there's the option for some beach lounging too. Winner winner.

After all the fun albeit monotonous planning, you should have a fairly extensive list and an idea of where you're going, what costs what and what's in store for you. If you haven't, perhaps looking up about your trip to Jakarta would be the right place to start. Your plan should alleviate all the stresses that accompany travelling, giving you a straightforward notion of your A to B journey. Some may think that a definitive plan might take all the fun out of travelling but it doesn't have to, it can simply give you a personalised guide on where to go and what to do, just for you. A plan to highlight the fun parts and take out the negatives, it's as simple as that. You're already forking out money to make it happen, you may as well make it happen exactly how you want it to happen. And if you're going with someone too then a premade curated guide will be a prerequisite to making your travels that much easier.

Travelling with someone or more in a group can definitely add that extra bit of pressure to both yourself and the other persons. A dynamic that some may not be comfortable with so it would make sense to ensure that everyone is catered for and everyone knows where their place is and what they're going to be doing. Your little devised plan ahead will be your group's miniature Bible to follow and unite everyone together because believe it or not, organising multiple people for international trips aboard can be chaotic! Your best bet is to arrange it all ahead of time so you can make the most of your trip.

Take your travels how you intend to take them, enjoy your time away from reality, take note on your cultural experiences, relax and experience life, take lessons from your journey, eat fantastic food and meet amazing people, forget all the stresses and anxieties you might have, take it all in your stride and make it count. You don't get many opportunities to travel, some don't get any, so it's best to make it as perfect as it can be.

As we all know your travels aren't complete without a few photos and the occasionally Instagram post (or twenty!), be sure to document your travels of a lifetime, take plenty of pictures and have something to remember.

Most importantly, live it! As many do, don't get caught up in the glamorising of your travelling because you may forget to enjoy and experience what truly matters. In addition to that, travelling isn't always the most glamorous experience, you may not wash and clean as you would do, you may get to do your hair or apply your daily home comforts, and you may not enjoy every single part of travelling in a new environment! But you'll never forget it, and you'll never experience anything quite like it.
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