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26 April 2019

Summer is on the way to the Northern Hemisphere, and chances are, you will be looking to spend some of the warmer seasons outside in your garden. Cocktail in hand, a good book in the other, you will (hopefully) have the opportunity to relax in the confines of your outdoor space. In theory, anyway.

You see, if your garden is open to the outside world (by which I mean open for all to see, and not open to anybody holding a season pass to tourist attractions in your area), you won't get very much privacy at all. You have passersby to consider; those people who like to peek at other people's lives when they are out for a run or walking their dogs. 

There are also your neighbours, especially the bad sort who like to have a good nosey. And then there's the risk of burglars - if you don't have a lot of privacy, they may well get a peek at what you have inside and outside of your home. Privacy is important then, for personal and safety reasons, so consider the following solutions.

#1: Install a fence or wall

This is the obvious solution, so contact the best suppliers for home fencing in your area. Opt for a fence outside your perimeter; preferably one overhead height to keep out prying eyes, and then consider extra fencing within your garden to shield your relaxation area. 

There are all kinds of fencing options open to you, including wood, iron, vinyl and PVC, with pros and cons to each. Wooden is great if you want to add your own colours, for example, but for durability, you might prefer iron. Do your research, and have a look at the options in the linked article too. You might also consider a concrete wall instead of a fence as not only are they more durable but they block out more sound too. But think about your needs and the aesthetics of your home, and then purchase something to match.

#2: Add privacy panels or trellis screens

While fencing is an excellent idea, there are some types not fit for privacy purposes. I'm thinking about chain link fences, for example, which are both durable and cheap but aren't great for keeping out prying eyes. Should you have such a fence, you might consider purchasing privacy or trellis screens. 

They come in a variety of patterns and textures, so as well as adding to your privacy at home, they can also create extra decorative appeal to your garden. Place them wherever you feel the most exposed, and even the nosiest of your neighbours will have a hard time getting to see what you're up to.

#3: Landscape around your property

Fences and walls can feel confining so you might want to opt for a touch of greenery instead. You could opt for evergreen trees and shrubs, as well as hanging vines for your trellis if you choose that privacy option. Check out these best plants for garden privacy to give you some inspiration, and then set about planting in time for next year. With the skilful design, you could create your very own secret garden that gives you your very own piece of paradise.


Your nosey neighbours won't be impressed, but I hope these suggestions were useful to you. Let me know what you think, and if you have any other ideas around garden privacy, be sure to give me a peek into your thoughts. Thanks for reading!

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