Prepare for Beach Days this Summer!

5 May 2019

When we think of our summer vacation, we’re often quite optimistic. We might consider ourselves laying next to the ocean with a beautiful drink in our hands and a giddy smile on our faces. We might think of meeting someone knew in a trendy bar or learning something deep and important about a local historical town near our hotel.

But if headed on a summer-led vacation, one image will often come to mind. Having plenty of fun on the beach or lazily walking around the swimming pool with not a care in the world.

Can you look great in swimwear before the summer is in full swing? Will this take a hard physical effort, or perhaps a shift in your attitude? It depends on your goals.

Find The Right Swimwear!

When I think of the Summer, I often can't wait for the perfect excuse to buy a new swimsuit!

There are so many styles available for every body type, you're sure to find one that works for you. 
I love a high waisted bottom and full coverage top so that I can spend more time playing at the beach and less time worrying about everything falling about everywhere.

Finding beautiful swimwear from reliable retailers, and simply spending a little time searching for it might help you find something you’re comfortable in now, rather than later.

Stay Healthy!

Looking after your health is the best thing you could ever do for yourself. Focusing on your health by eating nutritional, vibrant foods and staying hydrated in the midst of the summer is so important. Drink lots of water! In Australia, our Summer days are very hot so you can start to overheat and even get heatstroke before you even realise!

As well as not drinking too much alcohol, which will dry you out.

Use a high SPF+ whenever you are out in the sun. We all like to get a bit bronzed but there's nothing healthy about a tan. It actually means your skin cells are in trauma! There are so many good fake tans on the market, and they no longer carry the reputation that they used to. So tan yourself up at home, and then slather on that sunscreen whenever you hit the beach or head outside. It will be the best thing that you do for your skin and your overall health!

Take a much more realistic approach to looking good on the beach. To have the perfect bikini body, all you need is a bikini and a body! 

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