Why Doesn't Your Home Feel Cosy?

24 December 2018

Your house is never going to feel like a home if it’s uncomfortable. Maybe it's time to renovate.

Of course, you might be struggling because you can’t quite put your finger on the root of the problem. Why doesn’t your house feel cosy? Here are a few possible reasons.

It’s not Spacious Enough

Some people like large homes, and other people like small homes. However, nobody likes to feel cramped. Even if you live in a tiny one-bedroom flat, you shouldn’t be tripping over yourself just to navigate your home. Your house should feel as spacious as possible. 

It might be time to declutter so that you can put the available space in each room to better use. You can also create a more interesting layout to make your house feel larger and more welcoming. 

Put up more shelving on the walls as additional storage space for your belongings. The same goes for space under beds and the stairs. Don't forget to use any nooks in your house to store things or arrange furnishings. Marie Kondo loves to have all of her storage options inside of cupboards and drawers so that the remaining space is more open.

You’ve neglected the Exterior design.

A household can’t be completely cosy if it’s only well-designed on the inside. You don’t want to look out of your kitchen window to find that your gaze is met by a dilapidated and unappealing garden. 

The exterior design of your humble abode is just as important as its interior design. Mowing the lawn and planting some fresh flowers will give this space some colour and life once more, but you can include some creature comforts to really make this space feel nice. 

Perhaps you could look into available patios for your outdoor area. This would help to connect your interior and exterior living space. Being able to relax on a comfortable armchair and admire your garden is a great way to make your house feel cosy on the outside as well as the inside.

It isn’t personalised enough.

Your house might not feel cosy because it lacks personality. A well-designed show home might look sleek and modern, but you wouldn't leave it in its bare state once you move in. You'd add personal touches to really bring the design to life. And, in much the same way as you would with any of your outfits, you need to accessorise your household. Decor in each room will add that personal touch to really make this place feel like your home. Every accessory should be a statement piece that serves as a focal point. It’s about making your home feel cosier in a visual sense. 

For me I really think houseplants, whether real or fake can definitely improve a space in every sense of the word.

- - -

Of course, you don’t have to opt for anything excessive in order to achieve a powerful visual effect. Little details can make such a big difference. You could add a chandelier to a room if you wanted, but some small black and white prints on the wall would have an aesthetic impact too. 

Maybe you could even create your own handmade artwork so that you have unique paintings to hang up on your walls. And if you love animals then maybe you could get personalised paintings of all your pets to hang on the wall!

Overall your household should reflect the personality of the people who live in it. 
That's the best way to feel at home in your own place
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