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3 February 2019

It's pretty easy to get sick of the daily grind. No matter how much you enjoy your job, you could probably do without the long commute and the general frustration of having to deal with other people on those days when you just feel like staying in bed.

Working from home can start to look even more appealing to you, and with the addition of social media, it's even easier these days for that to become a reality.

But how can you turn your Instagram into something business worthy?

It's not just about followers. Microbloggers or influencers are becoming more recognised for the effect that they have on their general audience, no matter how small. Which means you could be monetising your content sooner than you think.

Get your content and feed looking cohesive. When potential business collaborations come looking your way they will get a brilliant first impression.

Create yourself a media kit. I recommend using a free template from Canva to get started. Make sure you include some of your best work. Including rates is optional, you might want to keep that separate.
If you need a general idea, 1% of your followers is a good way to go. So for $2000 followers, you could be charging $20 for a sponsored post. But selling content is a whole different market, so if you're creating content for someone else to use you'll need to rethink your amount.

If you like writing, create a blog. I can definitely recommend Blogger. It's completely free and it does everything I need it to do. Even if you only have a few posts, having it there and linked to from your socials looks good. You can have Frequently Asked Questions on there for people to access and you have the opportunity to make extra money with blog posts, that either go with or without your Instagram posts.

Have a nice layout for your blog as well. There are so many under $20 on Etsy, and trust me they are worth having.

When a potential client lands on your blog and finds it looking professional, they assume you know what you’re up to. If your website looks like it’s from 1999, the opposite is true.

To make your business look even more professional, consider using a “physical address” company that provides forwarding with online access, and listing your “shipping address” on your site, too.
This helps with free product that clients may want to send you.

The truth is that you’ve got to find the time to put in consistent, daily work if you want your side hustle to take off. These few steps will definitely give you an advantage!

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