How to Spring Clean Your Garden

16 April 2019

Now that April is in full swing a lot of us (our Northern Hemisphere friends) are starting to venture out into the garden once more to see what we can do to our spaces for summer. The danger of frost is behind us it is the ideal time to start looking into ways that we can build on the space and make it feel more put together for the summer. Today we are going to take a look at some of the things you can do to spring clean your garden this month.

Rip Up Any Old Paving

One of the first things you can do if you want to refresh your garden space is to get rid of some of your old paving and hire a company to come and remove the waster for you. Decluttering drab looking paving slabs and using a company such as these here to remove the scraps can leave you with a blank canvas to work on. You can either lay new paving slabs once again for a brand new patio or you can think about using your creativity to make something new for your garden.

Get Weeding

As amazing as it is in spring for all of the new plants and flowers to spring to life, we also get with this a lot of weeds which can take over the entire area and make it look scruffy. If you want to make the garden look amazing this summer it is important for you to get rid of weeds as soon as you can from all areas of the garden. This will include removing them from plant beds, grass and between paving too. Make sure you pull them out at the root if you don’t want them to return again.

Lay New Flowerbeds 

One of the best things you can do in early spring is to churn up your flower beds and lay some fresh compost on top ready for the warmer season. The reason why it is so good for you to do this is that loosening the soils aids seeds in germinating and churning the soil up will ensure that there is a good mixture of nutrients running through the area. Once you have done this you can choose to plant some bulbs deep in the ground to grow through the summer, or you can simply spread some seeds and rake the compost to cover them lightly. Whatever method you decide on, you’ll have tidy flower beds which will bloom throughout the season.

Paint Any Fences

One of the features of a garden which is often overlooked is the fence. Your garden will be surrounded by a wooden fence, and over the years it might start to look a little weathered and drab. To spruce up the garden this year why not pick a bright coloured varnish and add some colour to the perimeter? It will look amazing and your garden will feel fresh and new even before you start to tackle anything else in it!

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  1. I wish I had a garden... Lovely tips though! My mum is spring cleaning her garden right now. I'm so happy April is around!

    Hannah / Words & Latte


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