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14 April 2019

Summer is just around the corner for half of the world, and even if it’s not, the other 50% is still experiencing those summer vibes. 

Plus, with how quick this year is going, Australia is going to be back at its hottest time of the year soon, and everyone will be dying to have a summer home that’s absolutely perfect for the great times you’re going to want to have in them. 

Having a summer home is so many things. It’s being able to feel bright, fresh, and full of life when you’re in it and having a home that you feel like you can really socialise in.

Creating The Space For Change

A summer home should feel really fresh and clean, and you’re not going to be able to have that without first having a big clean out. Until you start a little project like this, you won’t realise how crowded your home is with things, and how much you can create. 

If you’re going to really go for this, and be out with the old rubbish and in with the new, you might need to go to this site and think about renting a skip. 

Tables, chairs, coffee tables, and anything else that you can think of that doesn’t match the vibe of a summer home should go. You don't have to totally renovate a room, but investing in some new furniture might be essential. Plus, once you have a total clean out, and then a really deep clean up, you can feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders, and you really will have a fresh canvas to work with.

Those Summer Vibes

Light and bright is a perfect theme of a summer home, and colours that really work well together to achieve this are white and light blue. Teal really does work well, as it helps to bring a sort of ocean vibe through with the colours. 

You could go for grey sofas to match this colour scheme and decorate with teal coloured pillows. The rest of the furniture could be oak white, and you really would have this fresh living room to spend your time in. 

There’s no reason why the rest of the home can’t follow this trend either! But try and switch up the complementing colour, just so your home isn’t plastered in the same decor the whole way round!

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