8 Ways to Wow Your House Guests

5 May 2019

You may have always thought of yourself as the ultimate hostess. Welcoming guests into your home is something you might enjoy doing. Whether you are cooking them a delicious dinner in your high tech kitchen or making their bed before a cozy night’s sleep, there are so many ways that you can wow your house guests every time they walk through the door. 

You want to translate your personal style into your own home and make everyone feel welcome in your dreamy dwelling. If you are looking for a way to up your hostess game, then there are a few small changes you can make. Consider the following ideas and you will put a smile on all of your guest’s face without a doubt.

1. A Pool Party

Who doesn’t love attending a pool party when the sun starts to shine in the summer? If you want to be the envy of all your friends, why not invest in a swimming pool for your backyard? Contact local swimming pool builders and you will be able to get started on a fresh design that fits within your budget. Your friends will all be begging to come over for a sensationally splashing good time, so think about this fun instalment right now. Once it has been completed you will be able to fill the pool with fluorescent inflatables and stock up your bar for some summertime fun in the sun.

2. Chic and Unique Furniture

Every home needs a furniture upgrade now and again to make it feel fresh and uplifted. You don’t need to tackle every single room all at once, but it might be time to start thinking about your priorities. When you invite guests over, which room would you all naturally hang out? Would it be the kitchen, living room or even the garden? Think about where your ideal hosting area is and focus on this first. Kit out your chosen space with some stylish and unique furniture that will be welcoming and comfortable for all of your house guests.

3. Blissful Bedroom Touches

When you have people staying over at your house it is important to give your guest bedroom that extra touch of sparkle. Make sure you choose the softest bedding, the most attractive accessories and the coziest furniture. When you stay over at somebody’s house you like to feel welcomed with open arms, so it is your job to make the guest room feel warm and inviting.

4. Beautiful Bathroom Additions

The bathroom is probably one of the most exciting places in the house to give a little touch up. Every guest loves walking into a fresh and clean bathroom that feels like home. Accessorize with your best fluffy hotel-style towels and don’t forget to stock up on scented soaps, luxurious shampoos and beautiful bath soaks. There is nothing quite like giving your bathroom a good clean before the guests arrive, so put this high on the priority list. Don’t forget to give the mirrors and windows a clean so that they are sparkling and shiny.

5. Perfect Pictures

Whether art is your thing or not, pictures on the wall can make a huge difference to the overall d├ęcor of your home. Make sure you choose and theme that is in keeping with the rest of the style throughout the house. Whether you opt for modern images or classic portraits, there are many ways to incorporate awe-inspiring artwork into your interior design. This is especially useful if any of your guests are art buffs; they will want to know where you made all of your perfect purchases!

6. Cozy Soft Furnishings

Incorporating cozy soft furnishings into your home will make it the warm and welcoming place you long it to be. Fluffy cushions, decorative rugs and attractive can make the world of difference to your dreamy dwelling. Make sure you choose accessories that suit the theme in each room; remember not everything has to match either! Contrasting colours are a hot trend at the moment to see where your creative mind takes you.

7. Soothing Color Schemes

Although you might not be ready to redecorate your entire house, it might be time to look at some of the colour schemes present at the moment. Perhaps you made some bold overstated choices in previous years and you are ready to tone down the crazy soon! Neutral colour palettes give you much more scope to add artwork, soft furnishings and statement furniture, so less is more sometimes. Have some fun testing out new shades from cooling pastels to calming neutrals; you will soon find the chic shade that works for your home.

8. Clever Kitchen Gadgets

Even if you aren’t the greatest chef in the world, you can kit out your kitchen with the best gadgets so that your guests never go hungry. Invest in a blender so that you can make the freshest fruit smoothies for the breakfast table. A slow cooker is also an excellent idea for dinner parties. You could have a curry, stew or chilli con Carne bubbling away in the kitchen whilst you get on with having a good time with your lovely guests.

As a homeowner, you take great pride in everything you do with your interior design ideas. You like to think that your personal tastes are reflected in every style choice you make throughout your home. Although you want to impress your guests, you also have to make sure you stay true to yourself throughout the entire makeover process. 

You need to feel comfortable in your home environment so that you can relax and unwind whenever you need to. Whether you are investing in new, fabulous furniture or adding perfect touches to your guest bedroom, find your signature style and you will always be considered the best hostess in town.

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