Do a Favour for Your Future Self

18 May 2019

We all can get to the point where we feel stuck in a rut. We can all feel like we are just doing the same thing each day and not really getting anywhere. It is hard to overcome a negative mindset such as that, but often it just happens without us even realizing it. Life can just get simple and the same, we can all be hating our careers, worried about our relationships or fearful for the future. While all of this is completely normal to feel, it is always a good idea to take back the reins of life and put some control back into your days. 

There are so many things that you can do that will seriously help out your future self. It may help you to get to where you need to be or certainly have the hope of a healthy and happy future life. 

 Here are some examples of the things that you can start doing today for a better tomorrow.

Drink more water

One of the best ways that you can start to feel better within yourself is to drink more water. It might sound like such a simple thing to do but it can be extremely effective. We are all recommended to drink at least two litres of water a day, but do we really do that? 

It can be hard to get into the habit of drinking more water so it might be worth trying to keep a bottle close at hand so that you can be more encouraged to take regular sips. It could be a small step to helping you get clearer skin, feel better, gain decent quality sleep and improve your mood.

Move More

It is also very important for you to try and exercise more frequently and be more active in general. It doesn't mean that you need to attend the gym five nights a week, but it could be a simple walk, joining in with a class or even taking the stairs instead of a lift. Make the decision to be more active and you will start to see a huge difference in how you feel, not to mention things like your mental health.

Regular Check-ups

We can all get stuck in the mundane routine of work then home and can forget that it is important to keep on top of regular medical health checks. Getting your eyes and ears tested every two years. Ensuring that you get your teeth checked by the dentist every six to twelve months. Trips to the GP to check heart rate and blood pressure, even hormone levels if something doesn't seem right and let’s not forget things like cervical screening and regularly checking our bodies for lumps and bumps that shouldn't be there. 

Being proactive with your health means that you can hopefully avoid health issues in the future.

Feel inspired daily

Inspiration is often something that we all need a little more of from time to time, and so it might be worth taking the time to start feeling inspired day to day. It could be small things such a positive quotes or reading inspiring articles. Or maybe in the evening, you might want to think about reading an autobiography about someone that inspires you or a self-help book full of tips and advice regarding mindset and how to live your best life. It might sound like such a small thing, but surrounding yourself visually with inspirational things can help you to feel inspired in other aspects of your life.

Self Care

Taking care of yourself is so important, that you should find that you need to take some time out to really think about how you take care of yourself. It might be that you want to treat yourself when it comes to things like products that you use. 

This is when websites like artNaturals could come in handy. Essential oils, being used when you have a nice warm bath or in humidifiers in your how can equally be relaxing. The point is that taking some time out to take better care of yourself when it comes to skin and hair can make the biggest differences when it comes to how you feel.

Embracing mindfulness

Mindfulness is a term we here a lot of at the moment, but it can equally be very important to incorporate some mindfulness into your daily routines and life. It can help you to feel calmer, avoiding stressful situations and overwhelm. It could be simple things like meditation or just taking a moment out of your day to just breath.

Taking care of your mental health

Your mental health is vitally important and the things that we do today can really impact us tomorrow when it comes to mindset and thought process. Negativity can take hold when you least expect it to so it might be time to try and think about how you can counteract that. Changing the habits when it comes to your thoughts may feel forced at first, but it can help you to feel calmer about things moving forward. It is about your outlook on life and making some changes to feel better.

Deal with problems head on

We all have problems that we can face, and sometimes the best advice is to ensure that we deal with them quickly rather than letting them fester. This can feel hard at first as often it may feel easier to bury your head in the sand, but dealing with problems today means you don’t have to in the future, and often they are simpler handled now.

Make plans for the future

Finally, make plans for the future and give yourself something to work towards. The main problem with feeling suck in a rut is you feel like there is no purpose or goal, so change that mindset and start thinking about what you want out of life. You won’t regret it.

I hope these tips help you when it comes to your future self!

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