Freshen Up Your Old Place

7 May 2019

Every household becomes worn out eventually, but that doesn’t mean your home is a lost cause.

It just means that you need to put some work into restoring it. It also means that you need to put some work into maintaining it from here on out. 

It’s time for a reset, and these simple but effective renovation projects should prove useful to you.

Have a good old clear out.

This is a smart way to begin. If you want to give your humble abode a reset then start by clearing the place out. Get rid of all the junk that’s been cluttering up every room for a long time. You could even sell things online to raise money for other renovation projects that you might have in mind. Your main goal is to open up space in your home so that it looks fresh again. 

Cleaning is just as important as tidying, of course. You should give your household a deep clean to restore it to its original aesthetic. If you’re looking for high-quality cleaning products then you should try out Big Clean. 
You can visit their website here. That’ll help you on your quest to fix up your place.

Redo an entire room.

You might not have the funding or the time to completely redo every room in the house from top to bottom, but that might not be necessary again. Renovating on a smaller scale can still have a huge impact! By redoing one room in your house, you could shift the way your entire home feels. You just need to pick the right room. 

The kitchen would probably be a good option. After all, they say it’s one of the most important rooms in the house. Getting some new counters, appliances, cabinets, and a new dining table could entirely transform this space. It might give your household the new burst of life it so desperately needs.

Redesign your outdoor area.

I’ve talked about designing the interior of your home, but what about the exterior? If you want to give your house a proper makeover then you need to make it look good on the outside too. Otherwise, you’ll feel as if you’re returning to the same old home every time you approach the front door. Give the driveway a hose down, repaint the front door and windowsills, and perhaps even plant some flowers alongside the path that leads up to the door. Make the front of your property look scenic and inviting.

Your back garden needs to look good too. It might not be immediately visible from the curb, but it’s a huge part of your home. Renovating this space is simple too. You don’t have to go overboard. Simply mowing the lawn frequently and planting some fresh flowers or plants can improve the space. It’ll give your garden some colour and create a vibrant area that you want to enjoy more often. You might want to visit some professional gardens in your local area to get some inspiration.

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  1. I absolutely love revamping my place, especially as it's so small. It always feels great to change up a few things around here x

    Hannah / Words & Latte


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