Is Moving Away Right for You?

1 May 2019

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One of the most exciting, but stressful, times in one’s life is moving. Whether it be to a house, condo, or apartment, moving requires a ton of work. The end result is having a place to yourself, but there are a lot of factors you have to think about before committing to a move.

Is it Necessary?

What is the reason behind the move? Need a change of scenery? Pace? Lifestyle? Weigh out the pros and cons of the move before impulsively deciding to put the house up for sale. It is important to think about what you are leaving. Do you have family that is close by that would be challenging to see if you moved? Do you have solid neighbours that you can count on to be there for you whenever you need it? These are all things that you might take for granted until you realise they are gone. Just make sure you are set up in a new environment that can offer you some of the same support that you need.

Is it Financially Feasible?

Making sure that you have enough money to make this move work is extremely important. There is a huge cost that goes into selling and buying a new house. You may have to invest some money in mobile self storage while you are in the transition phase of moving your belongings. But, most importantly, you want to make sure that wherever you move to, you have enough finances available to you to live comfortably.

Long Term Impact

Do you really want to move brings up some strong points, especially when it comes to your long term goals. It is important to think down the road to what your life may look like. Is this a place that you could see yourself being a part of for many years to come? The financial and social impact beyond just the here and now is something that really needs consideration. You don’t want to put yourself in a situation that you’ll later regret years down the road.


Your future goals should have an impact on a decision to move. It may be time to leave the past behind and start fresh, or maybe there is a part of the country that you’ve always dreamed of living in and now seems like the right time to move. Be sure that wherever you choose to move to that it aligns with your future goals. Impulsively moving because you don’t like the weather could be a financially bad decision years down the road.

What are you Feeling?

Ultimately, your gut instinct will tell you if you are making the right decision or not. You have one life to live and you want to make sure you get the most out of it. And, if you’ve been thinking about moving, then chances are there are a multitude of reasons that prompted that decision. You know what is best for you and your current situation in life. If you are ready to make the leap, move with confidence and conquer the world.

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