5 Ways To Spruce Up Your Home On A Budget

29 June 2019

Your home should bring you joy. It should be the place that you feel the most comfortable and relaxed and should suit your style and needs.

Quite often, though, for one reason or another, it just doesn't seem to do that. Life gets in the way, and we end up comprising style over function, and often our purse strings don't stretch as far as our ambitions.

There are, however, a few simple things you can do around your home to brighten things up, without costing you the earth!

Deep Clean

Having a deep clean can make things feel so much better. You may want to consider having your carpet cleaning by a professional. This gives your floor a new lease of life and makes it feel less tired and worn.

Getting your windows, doors, and frames a good clean will help too. They are areas that we often neglect when doing regular cleaning, but they often accumulate dust and grease.

Open your windows and get some fresh air circulating. Blowing out the dust can so quickly turn a stagnant environment into something more appealing.

A Touch Of Paint

Painting your home can be done on a somewhat limited budget and can make a big difference. Look at using lighter shades across most of your walls and maybe pick a more vibrant, darker shade to build a feature wall to give your room's character and style.

Highlighting door frames and skirting boards using vibrant coloured gloss paint can make a feature of them, and make something quite simple really stand out.

New Blinds And Curtains

You can change the spirit of a room by changing the curtains; if you want a lighter room go for some white curtains made from a light material or if you want a more sombre, traditional tone to a room choose something made of heavy fabric, possibly even velvet, in burgundy or navy.

New Furniture

If you're after new furniture on a budget, then try your local charities to see what they have in their stores. Often, lovely pieces of furniture get donated because the previous owners don't have the space to keep them and can't bare them going to waste. Have a look and see what bargains you can grab yourself!

Another option would be to look at ex-display items in your local furniture store. Often these get reduced to clear when they are no longer needed.


Your existing furniture might be a bit sad and worn; it happens. We use things like chairs and sofas so much, and we don't notice them creeping into a tired state.

Replacing your larger items of furniture can be pretty costly, and you may be reticent to throw away furniture because of the environmental impact. How about upcycling? Sofas and chairs can be reupholstered to get them looking like new, and tables and shelves repainted easily to a new sense of style to a room.

Using chalk paint, you can create a vintage, bohemian, distressed chic vibe very quickly- and with basic DIY abilities.

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