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21 June 2019

Do you really care about growing older? While for the most part you can live with the fact that year by year you’re moving away from your carefree youth, there might still be a part of you that wants to keep that clock ticking as slowly as possible.

In this guide, I'm taking a look at some of the practical steps you can take to put ageing well and truly in its place. You don’t have to go under the knife to stay young looking, there are plenty of everyday things you can do to help your skin, mind and body keep that youthful glow.

Take a peek at some of our top tips for a happier, healthier life now and on into the future.

Your Skin

You might want to start thinking about the kind of skincare routine you have and the products you use, particularly if you’ve never really had one before. Your skin’s needs change as you age, so change up your products to match that stage of your life. Whatever age you are, there are still routines to follow that will last our whole life through.

Take the time to visit the Skin Doctors and find a great cleanser and moisturiser for your individual skin needs. Couple that with an acid peel that you can use once or twice a week, depending on your skin type and you’ve already got a great routine in place. An acid peel is not as terrifying as it sounds and simply strips away dead skin to reveal smoother firmer skin underneath. If you do have delicate skin then always check with a dermatologist or test on a small patch before you commit to the process.

If your skin is particularly dry then look to use a deep moisturising mask at least once a week to support your skin’s delicate balance and give a little plumpness to the tissue.

No matter how late in the day it is, you should always remember to remove any leftover makeup and finally, the golden rule: always wear a high quality, high factor sun cream. Not only will you keep wrinkles at bay, you’ll stop the sun’s harmful rays causing damage to your skin that might result in some types of cancers.

Make Up

If you’ve never been someone to wear make-up, then that’s just fine. Don’t feel you need to change anything about your look. If, however, you like a bit of mascara here or some nice lipstick there, then how and what you wear can seriously enhance your looks, at whatever age you are.

If you’re looking to make a little change then think about not wearing a heavy foundation. The cream can catch in crevices and wrinkles in the face. Instead opt for a light tinted moisturiser with added sun protection. This will still give you great coverage but be more easily absorbed and give you the benefit of protected skin.

If you’ve always loved the smokey eyed look, then by all means carry on but consider changing up the heavy blacks for lighter greys that don’t make you look washed out. Experiment, look online at your favourite blogging sites and find your new look.


It’s too much to ask anyone to live an entirely healthy lifestyle with no bad habits. So the best approach to take is one of moderation. That moderation also applies to exercise too. Get your body moving but exercise should be something you enjoy and that helps your body to feel good. The moment it becomes a punishment is the moment your exercise routine slowly grinds to a halt. So find something, or several things, that you love doing. Mix it up, have fun and enjoy your body moving, getting stronger and performing at its best.

The same must apply to diet as well. Eat fresh and healthy but having the odd slice of cake really isn’t a dealbreaker. The real key is to try, where possible, to avoid processed foods and stick to real ingredients as much as you can. Experiment with food and recipes to keep your diet varied and interesting.

Drink plenty of water alongside other drinks and consider cutting down on alcohol and sugary drinks if you’ve developed something of a habit. It goes without saying that smoking is not only bad for your health but has a real impact on the health of your skin, so cut down and out completely if you can.

Your skin and your body are always going to feel the effects of ageing at some point and as much as we may like we can’t turn back the hands of time. What we can do is slow it down and keep our minds and bodies in tip-top shape. There are so many products and tips out there for new make-up looks, great haircuts and skin care regimes but don’t neglect your mental health too.

Keep your mind stimulated with fresh challenges to keep your brain in great shape. From something as simple as a daily crossword to learning a new skill or language, engaging your brain in some mental exercise has huge benefits for your overall well-being. It can stave off depression and dementia as well as keep you more alert, less forgetful and more in control of your life.

If all this advice seems like too much to take in, start with the parts of your life that you would like to see the most change in. Are you feeling unmotivated to get outside and exercise? Have a look at some YouTube home workouts or ask a friend to take a walk with you to get things kick started.

Treat yourself to some new products or a great haircut and face ageing with positivity. Getting older is a privilege, so take every day as it comes and celebrate heading into older age with a smile on your face and the determination to start taking great care of yourself, for you and your loved ones.
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