Finding the Motivation to Work Out

21 June 2019

One thing we can definitely thank the Millennial generation for is putting fitness at the centre of our lives. Indeed, we now live in a society where getting fit has become a natural part of everybody’s routine. After all, aspiring to a healthier lifestyle is commendable. As a result, gym studios and workout routines have multiplied both in town and online. There is something for everyone, whether you prefer to get fit at home or to join your local club. 

New programs such as the home-based biking routine, Peloton, which streams workouts both live and on-demand to keep their members motivated, even allows home-based fitness enthusiasts to be part of a large community. In short, the possibilities are endless. 
However, not everyone manages to achieve their fitness goals, despite a vast range of options. 

The culprit, we hear, is motivation. But in reality, things might be a little more complicated.

Change your fitness attitude

We look at the problem from the wrong angle

Most people struggle to motivate themselves to exercise. The truth is that we assume that all it takes is to find of way of encouraging ourselves to turn up to the gym. But in reality, motivation is not the main problem. There are many things you do, even though you are not motivated. 

After all, are you the kind of person who wakes up early on Monday morning, trembling with joy at the idea of going back to the office after the weekend? No, you probably don’t enjoy your Monday morning as much as you do your Friday evening. But you still go to work. Because you have to.

So, motivation is not the key to stick to a routine. As Viking trainer, Sva Sigbertsdottir puts it on her Instagram account, F*ck Motivation. Getting a sense of reward, either through measuring your progress or receiving something for your efforts – such as a salary – is what keeps you focused.

What if you can’t see the results you want?

Unfortunately, while going to work guarantees a monthly or weekly reward – your wages –, going to the gym doesn’t come with any guaranteed result. For a start, it can take ages before you get to see the first results. 

Additionally, if you’re trying to spot reduce areas of your body and tone others, you will struggle to achieve the desired results. Unless you’re using non-invasive surgical treatments such as laser liposuction to target the areas where you want to lose fat, you’re unlikely to achieve your body goals as quickly as you might want.

 It doesn’t mean your efforts won’t transform your body. But your genes also affect the way your body reacts to exercise and reshapes itself.

Does it mean you should give up on fitness?

Giving up fitness because you can’t see the results you want within a short period is nonsense. But discussing fitness in terms of motivation could affect your perception. Ultimately, keeping your body fit and strong will help in the long run. Just like any complex machine, your body needs maintenance to function properly.

It’s time we honestly assess our fitness goals and track our gains. Fitness for the sake of dropping a dress size creates a faulty sense of expectations. Embrace fitness as an essential health routine. It’s not something you need to be motivated for; it’s something you should do to maintain your body. 

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