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18 June 2019

If you’re getting ready to move house, you probably feel like you have the whole world on your shoulders in terms of all the things you have to organize in time for the move.

Whether you’re moving for the first time or the fifth, it really doesn’t become less stressful the more you do it, but one thing that will take the stress of a good deal is being organized and having a plan in place.

So, that’s exactly what I'm going to help you with right now. Below you’ll find some really useful tips that you can implement when preparing for your move so that everything can go that bit smoother and easier than it has done in the past.

Have a clear out:

It’s really not until you get ready to move house that it becomes abundantly clear just how much stuff you actually have, and then you start wondering where it all came from, and half of it you can’t even remember buying in the first place, so if you’ve ever wondered when would be a good time for a clear out to get rid of some of this stuff, the answer to that would be right now.

This isn’t to say that you don’t have some valuable stuff in your home, but the idea is that you take with you to the new place only what you’re really going to use, so if you have a vintage watch in your closet that you bought on a whim after too much wine and browsing eBay one night, but that you’ve never worn, then why not sell it and make some cash instead?

Make a list:

Staying organized is one of the best ways to really feel less stressed about everything when moving, so making a list will really help you get clear on what exactly your next steps are going to be. 

This could be, for example, making a list of all the things you’re taking with you, or all the things you need to get for the new place. For example, you may find that you need a new bed or a new fridge, or even that your fridge is perhaps in need of a service that you haven’t gotten around to a few years so this is something you’ll take care of once you move. If you have no idea how to know if your fridge even needs a service or when it had one last, then click here for some practical tips on this.

Arrange help:

Instead of trying to manage everything on your own, now is not the time to be shy about asking for help. Whether it’s someone you pay or even your friends and family who will happily accept payment beers and pizza, people will be far more willing to help you than you think, so if you want to make this overall less stressful, and perhaps even have a little fun, then ask for help to get things moving quicker than if you were trying to go it alone.

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