Steal the "Hamptons" Style for Your Home!

29 June 2019

There's a general consensus that the people who live in the Hamptons - a wealthy area of Long Island, New York - have made it. Average home prices in East Hampton - the poshest part of town - run more than $1,400,000. Suffice to say; you’ve got to have a healthy bank account to live here.


The good news, though, is that you don’t necessarily have to live in the Hamptons to experience that kind of lifestyle in your own home. Nor do you have to move to New York. The reality is that you probably have all the resources you need right now to emulate the Hamptons, without ever having to move there.

Take a look at some of these ideas to renovate your home Hamptons style.

Put Town Timber Floorboards


One of the defining features of Homes in the Hamptons (and why they cost so much), are their hardwood floorboards. And when we say “floorboards,” we’re not talking about the rough wood you might find in your attic or an undecorated room. We mean high quality, exotic hardwoods that have been finished impeccably.

Most homes use American oak. But if you want to create a moodier feel, then dark woods, like teak, are your best friend.

Choose A Blue And White Colour Scheme

Don’t want to shell out thousands of dollars on a bespoke hardwood floor? No problem. Try a blue and white color scheme instead,

French Knot currently recommends a range of Hampton style accessories for the home. These include napkins, vases, cushions, and China statues. Arranging items like these strategically throughout your home will give it a fresh, opulent ambiance.

Traditional Drapes

Most homes in the Hamptons have traditional floor-to-ceiling drapes. Unlike other high-income areas in the US like Beverly Hills and Scottsdale, the Hamptons remains much more conservative. This isn’t a place for “new money” but more about celebrating high-class lifestyles of the past.

Don’t like curtains? No problem. Roman style blinds are an excellent option for the kitchen.

White Walls

Just because homes in the Hamptons are priced, on average, at well over a million dollars doesn’t mean that every square inch is opulent. Part of the appeal of the Hamptons is that it hasn’t succumbed to the oneupmanship of Hollywood. Things are relatively civil here in the material stakes. The current trend is towards simple, crisp white walls in every room. Pure emulsion will do.

Collections Of Patterns

The reason for the white walls is so that there is a neutral background for all the other features that the owners want to include in the home.

Many homes in the Hamptons have a distinctly nautical feel, being so close to the Atlantic Ocean. Before the wealthy moved in, the Hamptons economy was based around fishing. Many owners, therefore, choose to pattern match using a marine theme, such as combining jars are shells with starfish and other ornaments on a pure white background.

So there you have it: how to decorate your home as if you live in the Hamptons without actually having to move there.

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