Meet Tegan

Hello there! My name is Tegan Seymour and I'm a 23 year old blogger from Newcastle, Australia. I recently moved out of home and into a gorgeous townhouse with my partner of three years, Josh!

After falling in love with many different lifestyle blogs online I was inspired to create my own, and as I'm not exactly DIY savvy I first started out with a DIY tumblr Nifty & Crafty where I post and credit amazing DIY's, Crafts & Guides that I find all around the web.

After my tumblr really took off (29.5k+ Followers!) I decided that I really wanted to give blogging a go, and not on tumblr, on an actual blogging medium. So Permanent Procrastination was born!

The name was coined years ago when I created my very first tumblr during a time of ultimate procrastination. I don't think I really procrastinate that much anymore but the name has stuck and that's okay with me.

My actual first post here was in Feb '14 but it wasn't until the end of the year that I really started focusing time and effort into creating a proper blog and I honestly love it to death! I feel like I finally have an actual response to
"What are some of your hobbies?"

Some Random Facts


Teegs, Teegly


Petting all dogs and cats, buying plants, accumulating decor, Josh, italian food


Rude people,  incorrect spelling 


Coming home with a new plant every second day or so


Only 3?? Pushing Daisies, Jessica Jones, Game of Thrones


Guardians of the Galaxy, Moulin Rouge, How to Train Your Dragon (Anything with Lee Pace... or superheroes)

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