3 Outfits with Tobi

10 Jun 2017

I haven't been loving this cold as all heck weather and non stop rain. It's really making my outfit choices suffer, as I'm mostly just wearing a whole bunch of layers and my style has gone out the window. 

Tobi.com asked me to pick some pieces to style and I did so gladly! You might have seen me trying these on and unboxing it a little while ago on my instagram story. 

So here is how I have chosen to wear all of the pieces!

How to be a Good Customer

22 May 2017

...in a Clothing Store

We're all customers at one point or another, and maybe we're all jerks sometimes too. But I'm uncertain. Do people who are shitty customers, know that they are being shit?
Do they honestly think they are being polite and acting as all regular humans do?

It's a question that plagues me in my day to day of working in retail. I've seen all the memes that are thoroughly enjoyed by fellow workers. We are all dealing with the same sorta shit day after day.

So here's a handy guide, on how to be a good customer in a clothing store. 

3 TV Shows That Kept Me Occupied

12 May 2017

I go to the cinema to watch movies, but it's rare that I'll pop on a movie to watch at home. What I will watch though are tv shows. I keep track of every tv show I'm watching and I'll watch some week to week, and others I'll hoard until I can binge watch them in one go. 

Don't get me started on Netflix. If only every show were on Netflix instantaneously. Wouldn't the world be a better place. I think so. 

You can trust my recommendations here, I watch a lot of TV. Imagine me giving you a trusting gaze right now. I know my tv shows so here's three that have kept me busy this year. 

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