Hey Zeus

5 Jul 2017

I'm so excited to talk to you about Newcastle's newest lunch joint. Not just because I've wanted a place where I could walk into and grab a wrap or a salad on the fly, for a long time now. But because this place is frikkin' cool. The design, the set up, the entire concept of Hey Zeus is really rad, and after reading this you'll want to check it out.

Trust me.

2/1 Honeysuckle Dr, Newcastle NSW 2300, Australia

Empire Coffee Co

28 Jun 2017

I've wanted to visit Empire Coffee Co for ages, and it has actually moved twice and expanded a lot since it originally opened. It has now made it's way to Honeysuckle. I had no idea where in Honeysuckle, which was made apparent this morning when I walked around 5 minutes past the cafe.
But I made it back eventually, to have breakfast. 

I was slow to join the Star Wars fandom, but I have now seen all the movies and I do thoroughly enjoy them. Nowhere to the extent of that of my breakfast buddy, Tilly, who is born on May the 4th which may contribute to her somewhat unhealthy obsession. 

6 Months as a Vegetarian

23 Jun 2017

I made it one of my new year's resolutions this year to finally become a full and proper vegetarian. I rarely ate meat as it was and I've always been a lover of animals, so it just made sense to finally make the commitment and give up meat for good.

Now I'm vegetarian, and not vegan so I still eat milk, cheese, eggs and other "animal products". That said I always drink soy milk, and only have that in the house. I believe every little bit counts.
I just wanted to share my experience so far on going meat free.

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