3 New Shows Worth Binge Watching

18 Jan 2018

You don't get to be the procrastination queen without watching a lot of tv shows in your spare time. And by spare time I mean time I should probably be doing other things. But what the hell, I'm not am I. I'm watching tv. 

So that's how I know what is worth watching, and then I can pass that good ole advice on to you. 

My 2018 Resolutions

9 Jan 2018

It’s New Years Eve, I’m writing this as I sit in our cute beach Airbnb in Stanwell Park. Thinking that this is such a great way to begin 2018. Friends and drinks and good times all around.

If you haven’t read my attempts at 2017’s resolutions, you should check them out. Because I pretty much failed them all and with poor excuses why I did. I think excuses are stupid, because either way you still didn't do the thing. But at the same time, sometimes there's a valid excuse.

I've been thinking about what I would like to do this year. I'm still thinking. I don't think there's anything that groundbreaking or exciting. But here it is. My 25th year alive.
Let's do it!

2017 - Resolutions Results

28 Dec 2017

Let me just start off by saying, 2017 was a bit crazy but overall really great. I had a good time and I'm looking forward to whatever 2018 wants to throw my way.

 I did pretty poorly with this year's resolutions but I sort of have an excuse. I started off the year after having quit one of my two jobs. I was looking at 2017 as a time I would be working 3 days a week in a casual position at my current job. But I was actually given a full time position in May. Which threw some of my resolutions off as I thought I would have more time. 

Anyway, have a read. See how I went and read whatever my excuses are for why I didn't do what I wanted to. 

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