My Morning Routine

A sure fire way to waste your day away is by starting it off poorly. Rolling out of bed way too late, browsing Instagram, Facebook & Quora which uses up way more time than you would generally assume. Even though you always do it and that always happens. 

A good morning routine means you'll kick procrastination in the butt and start off your day right. I also find that knowing I have a routine set in place of a morning helps me to roll out of bed and not snooze the alarm one more time. I can't possibly fit everything in if I only leave myself 30 minutes.
One of my New Year's Resolutions was to fix up my sleeping pattern. I want to be in bed by 11pm and out of bed at 6.30am. I've managed to get a hold of waking up, but I just can't get my ass into bed by 11. I can't wake up early and be a functioning adult if I'm only getting 6 hours of sleep.
 Especially if I'm trying to increase my fitness levels. Not getting enough sleep is a great way to feel sluggish and gain weight. 

So here's what I do every morning to get me started for the day. 

Keeping Fit This Year

I get it, the year has only just begun so everyone is fully committed to the goals they have made so far. Gym memberships spike in December and begin a sharp decline just after New Years as people guiltily confirm with themselves that they were never going to go.

2017 - New Year's Resolution

The worst year ever? Can't 2016 just hurry up and end, right? It couldn't go out without taking a few more beloved celebrities with it. Instead of resolutions I could just follow this goal for the year. 

Did you see how I went with my goals last year? All of last years resolutions weren't particularly exciting and I didn't do that great, but I will see how I go with whatever I can up with to achieve this time around.

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