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We're moving! Well that's the plan anyway. Into a house of our very own. Well mostly. 
Josh and I are packing up and moving into a house in a surrounding suburb hopefully within the next few months. We're buying our own place and it's pretty darn exciting. 

Unfortunately there's no way that we could afford to buy in the suburb we currently live in but that's okay. There are plenty of suburbs on the outskirts of Newcastle that have lovely houses in nice neighbourhoods. 

We've been to a few house inspections together already but we're still looking for the house that ticks all the boxes, location and all. We're not in a hurry but we're pretty darn excited that's for sure! 

I know we're not going to find something that's in our price range, great location and not need any work. It's highly unlikely anyway. If we can get a place, that's in a good spot for a good price but needs a bit of work, then that will be perfectly fine!

I'll keep you posted on the progress, I can't wait to find a place! For now, here's some sweet home inspo I'm really digging at the moment. I'm going to go pinterest crazy these next few months! Follow me over here!

Cya! xx


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Side Table Styling with Brosa

One of the reasons I was so excited to move out for the first time was for the opportunity to set up and style an entire house! Not just my bedroom, multiple rooms. I always loved interior design and I had pinned so many images on pinterest. It also inspired me to start blogging!

I love decorating the townhouse that I live in. I can't wait for Josh & I to buy our own home together and truly make it ours. But for now I'll settle with beautifying my rental.

Brosa got in touch with me and let me go nuts styling one of their pieces. I picked the Elizabeth Lamp Table in Walnut because it already matched so well with the style we had gone for on the first level of our house.

Hunter St, Newcastle NSW, Australia

Unexpected Exit - Escape Rooms

Hidden along Hunter Street and noticeable only by a fold out sign placed out front is the entrance 
to Unexpected Exits. Newcastle's only escape room. 

After Josh had returned from his trip to Melbourne having completed two escape rooms whilst away, I knew I had to also give one a try. Especially as our local one was only 5 minutes away. I grew up playing mystery puzzle games online so I was pretty keen to try my skills in real life. 

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