Mini Kylie Cosmetics Haul & Review

I've been a fan of Kylie Cosmetics since I bought myself the Dolce K lipkit and loved it! I managed to get a hold of the lipkit after the pesky brush issues had been fixed so I had nothing but good things to say about it. I bought myself another lipkit shade a bit later, a pretty nude shade "Exposed". But I had been eyeing off a pinkier shade for a while. Something a bit more suited for the Spring weather that we're in. 

When they had $5 international postage for 48 hours I decided that this was the time to strike. Why not get myself the Bronze Kyshadow Palette and Black Kyliner while I'm at it. 

Here's how they went. 

Hey Vina! - The App for Meeting Friends

Meeting friends as an adult is hard. You don't truly appreciate how easy it is as a kid until you grow up. I have a memory from kindergarten asking another little girl to play with me and be my friend. Amazing! Starting a conversation as an adult might be alright but moving onto asking them to hang out or be friends is a whole other ball game. 

What if I asked someone if they want to hang out sometime or grab a coffee and they don't want to? It's awkward we just stand there, mumble excuses. It's all very stressful, well that's how it is for me. 

Enter 'Hey Vina' the new app for connecting women to form friendships. It's all platonic, it's not a dating app though there is a set up similar to that of Tinder but with profile specs for people to view. 

Cringeworthy Things I Did Growing Up

How to narrow it down to only five things? As soon as I started thinking back to possible cringeworthy actions I've done in the past, it all came flooding back. What was I even doing?? I was the biggest dorkiest nerd loser in the world and I mostly still am. 
Not to be confused with my greatest hits of embarrassing moments. Cause that's already a quite popular post. No these are things I've done that at the time I clearly didn't see to be as cringey as they truly are. Where to even start. 

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