Why a Regular Temperature in Your Home Is Important for House Plants

23 May 2024

Do you have some gorgeous houseplants that you’re head over heels for? You spent money on these, you spent time taking care of them, and while sure there are plenty of memes online about how fickle indoor plants can be, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do whatever you can to take care of them. While too much love can kill them, and not enough love also kills them, you should also think about the temperature within your house itself. Is your home usually too hot or too cold, or is it just right for comfort?

You need to keep in mind that houseplants, much like humans, thrive in stable environments. Sudden changes in temperature can stress plants, leading to poor growth and even death. That’s far from ideal, right? That’s why it’s so important to keep a consistent indoor climate, which is essential for your green companions, and how energy-efficient homes play a role in achieving this.

Ideal for Energy Efficiency

If you think about it, a constant comfortable temperature in your house is the best way to indicate if your home is energy efficient, especially if you’re not needing a heater or AC- two things that house plants absolutely hate. Plus, energy-efficient homes typically have better insulation, which helps maintain a consistent indoor temperature.

So, if your home isn’t constantly at a comfortable temperature without the need for AC or heating to be on, then there might be a problem, and you might be better off looking into ways to get your home more comfortable.

For example, you might want to try ceiling batts since they’re perfect for retaining heat in the winter and keeping the house cooler in the summer months. In general, your plants can’t really handle temperature swings; you don’t want to force this on your plants either, so make sure you do what you can to keep a more stable environment, and just keep in mind that the best course of action would be focusing on efficiency.

It’s All About a Consistent Growth Environment

You have to keep in mind that houseplants are highly sensitive to their surroundings. They rely on stable temperatures to regulate their growth cycles. So, if there are any sudden temperature fluctuations, this can disrupt these cycles, causing leaves to drop, growth to slow, or even triggering dormancy in plants that are not naturally dormant. You don’t want this, just like you, they just want a comfortable environment.

You Need to Avoid Plant Stress

Did you know that your plant can get stressed? That’s right, just as animals and people can get stressed out with uncomfortable environments, your plants can feel the exact same way- especially if it’s rapid changes within the environment. Have you ever seen wilting or yellowing of the leaves during uncomfortable temperatures of your house? Yeah, that’s exactly why! Keeping your home at a stable temperature helps prevent these stress responses, ensuring your plants remain healthy and vibrant.

Don’t Forget About Lighting Management

Specifically, natural light from your windows! So, you’re going to want to start paying attention to how heat and light are distributed in your home. During winter, plants near windows might get too cold at night if the windows are not well-insulated. In summer, those same windows might let in too much heat. So there needs to be this balance because even if they’re not next to the windows, they can still get uncomfortable. So make sure you have a manageable, light solution for your plants and home, such as motorised blinds.