My Favourite Indoor Plants

8 January 2016

I love my plants! I don't know what exactly made me become such a green thumb. But I've been bitten by the gardening bug and I'm not looking back! I have quite a few plants in the house and outside in the courtyard. It would kind of take a while to photograph and talk about all of them. So I've picked my five favourite indoor ones today to show you and talk a bit about!

Dwarf Fiddle Leaf Fig - Ficus Bambino

I definitely mostly killed my first one of these. I'm not exactly sure what it was that I did, not enough light, not enough water?? But the leaves started to turn brown and just fall off. These dwarf plants will only grow to be a maximum of 60cm tall. Their non dwarf counterparts though can grow to 25 metres! Woah. I love the big and kind of wiggly looking leaves. One day when I live in a bigger house, and have money, I'll upgrade to a larger one. 

Prickly Pear Cactus -  Opuntia lindheimeri

This guy is giant! I asked Sophie from High Swan Dive for a Prickly Pear Cactus, and I had no idea what I was getting into. Worth every penny, I was originally going to put him outside but he's living inside for now. Prickly pears are generally counted as a noxious weed, but they're not an issue if you keep them in pots and don't plant them in the ground. The newer pads up the top have squishy kind of thorns, that start to move out of the way, and let tiny spines grow through. The lower pads don't have any spikes at all. But look like they use to. 

Elephant Ear Plant - Colocasia

A new leaf in the middle is about to open!
Actually regular sized leaves, I just have tiny hands. 
One of my very first plant purchases. I'm a big fan of leafy plants! The bigger the leaf the better! I'm so glad I've managed to revive this one after it went very dormant for a while. After doing some research I'm pretty sure I wasn't watering him enough, as they like to be quite moist. I have a little froggy self watering device in there right now which is quite handy. I was given a mini elephant ear for Christmas as a work secret santa and It's also doing quite well. 

Fruit Salad Plant - Monstera Deliciosa Borsigiana

I'm not 100% sure what this plant is exactly, maybe the Borsigiana variety of Monstera.  I have an actual Monstera Deliciosa outside, otherwise known as the Fruit Salad Plant. I know that this one is definitely in the Monstera family, but the leaves are significantly smaller. I got this beauty as a Christmas gift from my mum which I picked out from High Swan Dive on King Street. I only water occasionally, but new leaves unravel on the daily, as it winds around the log that's propped in the middle. Every leaf is only about the size of my hand. 

Bunny Ear Cactus - Opuntia Microdasys

Another brilliant find from High Swan Dive. This cactus is covered in evenly placed little tufts of fluff. Which look relatively harmless, but are actually clusters of tiny spines. I got some in the back of my knuckle after repotting it, they were stuck in the glove and it somehow got there. They feel very much like splinters and I needed to use tweezers to remove them. So I wouldn't go touching any time soon. 

I hope you've enjoyed looking at my plant babies! These are only 5 of the indoor ones that I have, there are still another twelve thirteen hanging around! If you have any questions about any of the plants feel free to leave it in the comments and I will try to answer it as best as I can!
Do you have any indoor plants or were you planning on getting any?

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  1. Such pretty plants! Reminds me of my mom, she's really great with plants. I've killed so many supposedly easy plants to take care of (mint and succulents) - I guess plants just aren't for me! Your prickly pear cactus is so adorable.

    becky ♡ star violet

  2. I really, really, really want to start a collection of indoor plants. But I don't think I have a green thumb! What would you suggest would be an easy start out plant? I've also always wanted to make a terrarium they look so cute! Yours are all so gorgeous!

    Rai |

    1. I've killed every terrarium I've made! Haha. But for an easy start out plant, I would go the Zanzibar! Google image it! They like any type of light, low or bright and you pretty much only water it a cup once every three months! I have one in my study and it's doing awesome. Just leave it alone to do it's thing :)

  3. Plant Inspiration at its best!

  4. I loooove indoor plants!! I have a Fiddle Leaf Fig too, but I think mine is just the normal size one, it is about 40cm high at the moment! I (my boyfriend) killed my first one too, he shut the blinds when we went away for a week.. It never recovered... :( but my new one I found randomly at a Woolworths in north western NSW for $13! Bargain of the century! My last one cost $45!! I also love mother-in-laws tongue (Snake Plants) but I want to get some of those Monstera! I love your one!!

    Mel x | Loads of Lifestyle

    1. Woolies! That is such a bargain! I totally killed the snake plant I had! ha.

  5. Oh wow, that is a lot of plants. Hahaha! I personal don't keep indoor plants but we have a garden! We have so many cacti in my house. They are just fun to take care of! <3

    xx Bash | H E Y   B A S H | bloglovin'

  6. we have the elephant ear plant (only just learned its name so thanks!) and it is so huge! We have to keep the cat from jumping on it haha
    We also have tons of flowers, the environment just seems so much nicer with them :)
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  7. beautiful photos! They all look super lovely. I especially love the look of the prickly pear cactus! x


  8. These are lovely plants, you have so much patient in you and great job in taking care of it <3

    Follow for follow on Instagram, GFC, Bloglovin and Google+? :)
    Capturing Life Memoirs | bloglovin' | Instagram

  9. Ooh, these are gorgeous, great post! I love house plants, there's something about a splash of green that makes a room feel much more homely.
    I have to admit, the only things I can keep alive are cacti and spider plants - my mum is a florist but I have no green thumb at all!

    Poppy |

  10. So many pretty little plants...although damn, those leaves are BIG.

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  11. What a great collection! I'm sure if I had plants I would have a few causalities until I learn how to treat them correctly.

  12. Love your photos - these plants are so pretty! We had some succulents for a bit but they hardly got any sunlight due to crappy London weather :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  13. I think these are all such beautiful plants and definetely something I would put in my home! I love each pot you've put them also, especially the first!

    Megan X

  14. ahh these are so stunning! I really need some more indoor plants, all I have right now are succulents. Although if I lived in Australia I can imagine it would fit better :)



  15. Ive never really paid attention to plants but I absolutely love this post! xx

  16. Oh my, they're all so pretty - and in really pretty pots/baskets too! The presentation is everything while they're indoor houseplants, amiright? I love both of those cacti! I have such a soft spot for cacti, they're the perfect houseplant companion, and both your bunny & prickly pair ones are so fancy-looking! Ugh, just ugghh.

  17. I just stumbled across your blog & I am loving it! I am a big plant lover as well! I really want to expand my indoor plant collection as it is majorly lacking! Unlike my booming outdoor arrangement I have 10 fruit trees I think at the moment and then all my veggies and herbs :)

    I am going to look for a prickly pear tomorrow, I am feeling totally inspired.

  18. Plants are the best. I started a little pot garden outside when I moved out. Tending to them is one of my favourite parts of the day :D
    Your little green family is so cute :D

  19. Ahh I want a new plant for my room in uni! Thanks for sharing :) x

    Amy | The Perks of Being Amy

  20. Photography is on point. I'm loving your blog.
    Love, Fads

  21. OMG I am so into this right now, non-stop repin on my pinterest

    Herdiana Surachman

  22. oh my god - I LOVE THIS. Makes me want to move out asapxx

  23. I love indoor plants but I tend to kill them haha I do however have a couple of lucky bamboo in my kitchen that are not hating on me yet! I really love the look of that Elephant Ear plant I think I may have to have a look at getting one of them :) Great Post!

    Nicole xx |

  24. These are all so beautiful.
    My first bunny ear cactus started rotting, so I tried to salvage it by planting the pads that hadn't begun to rot and it seems to be working so far. Yours looks so lovely.

    The Snap Narrative


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