Why the New Ghostbusters Film Needed to be Good

24 Jul 2016

If you keep up with current pop culture or you know go on the internet. You would know that a new Ghostbusters has been in the works, and has just been released. Shock and horror the cast of 4 men has now been replaced with four women, who are surprisingly just as capable of busting ghosts as men?? Apparently. 

This revelation was taken quite poorly by way too people, men and women alike. "My childhood is destroyed!" they cried! "Couldn't they have put in only one girl maybe?" and my personal favourite, "This movie is sexist to men!". 

Yes revamping a cult classic and replacing the four male leads with four females is the worst thing you could do. According to the angry outbursts from thousands of Ghostbuster fans. 

I'm Terrible with Faces

17 Jul 2016

So hi, I'm Tegan, and I'm terrible with faces. It doesn't matter if we've actually met before in person or have just mutually followed and chatted via social media for ages. Basically there's a huge chance I will not recognise you in person. 

I never thought this was me. I would never have said yeah I'm great with faces, but I have a pretty good memory. I just sort of assumed I was good. Until on multiple occasions I was left red faced not knowing who someone was. Trust me it's much worse if we've actually met and spoken in person before.

June Catch Up

13 Jul 2016

I've neglected my poor little blog and I actually had some free time to post but I didn't! You know when you just procrastinate something so hard and then it just gets even further away? Yeah. I accidentally did that with blogging. I had all these ideas and then I was just like nah.

June has been a pretty good month though, a lot has happened as I'll fill you in down the line!

PS. I'm currently listening to "Over You" by SAFIA and it's pretty great.

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