Why the New Ghostbusters Film Needed to be Good

24 July 2016

If you keep up with current pop culture or you know go on the internet. You would know that a new Ghostbusters has been in the works, and has just been released. Shock and horror the cast of 4 men has now been replaced with four women, who are surprisingly just as capable of busting ghosts as men?? Apparently. 

This revelation was taken quite poorly by way too people, men and women alike. "My childhood is destroyed!" they cried! "Couldn't they have put in only one girl maybe?" and my personal favourite, "This movie is sexist to men!". 

Yes revamping a cult classic and replacing the four male leads with four females is the worst thing you could do. According to the angry outbursts from thousands of Ghostbuster fans. 
The 2016 Ghostbuster reboot's trailer became the most disliked trailer in youtube history. I need to add that the trailer was terrible. Not because the vag to peen on screen ratio was strongly swayed in one direction. It was just a poor trailer. I watched it and thought oh dear. They've gone and made a lady team of Ghostbusters but they've done a bad job! 

It was something that would set back the hard work of women in film, if this movie was truly atrocious. But you can't really trust a movie trailer. 
Often times hilarious trailers have the entirety of the film's jokes in them, or all of the movie's action main action scenes. A strong trailer does not guarantee a good movie, just as a poor trailer don't ensure a terrible film. 

Only recently Warner Bros spent millions of dollars on rewrites for Suicide Squad after the wonderful reception for their trailer. As it was revealed that all the light and amusing scenes were in the preview and the film was nothing but darkness similar to the Batman vs Superman fiasco. 

After all the online hate, I knew I had to set things straight and see the movie myself to make an honest judgement. Can women lead a film? Do females doom movies to be a disaster at the box office? Was Rey in Star Wars, an outlier in terms of her great success? People do seem to think so. 
Heck I'm still waiting on a Black Widow film. Scarjo forever. 

I went to see the movie with Josh, and first a male's perspective, he really enjoyed the film. Much better than he expected it to be. I went in with expectations, as you can tell from this post's title, I felt like women were relying on it to do well. I'm not here to share any spoilers, but it was a good movie. It's not like the first Ghostbusters and I don't really think it could be compared to the original cult classic.

There are many enjoyable references to the original series including some amusing cameos. Josh and I agreed that the best character by far was Kate Mckinnon as Jillian Holtzman.

From her eating of Pringles or as she calls them "salty parabolas" at inappropriate moments to licking her weapons before a fight. This too great to be straight character is going to shoot Kate McKinnon far beyond where Saturday Night Live has taken her. I don't often rewatch movies, but I would rewatch this just for her. Her character is just that good, and check out those glasses!

Chris Hemsworth's character was equally as amusing, comic relief in a role that's usually only left to women, the ditzy but attractive receptionist. Kevin means well but my god he's as dumb as a brick. "A Ken doll, with the insides scooped out." Though he does have some killer dance moves. No it's not sexist to have Hemsworth in that role, it's a huge joke on societal norms. A man? Being placed in a film to purely be objectified? Unheard of. If you want to go back to watching him being a strong manly man, and probably also shirtless again, turn on Thor. 

Go see the movie. Don't go in expecting it to be the same stuff as 1984, that's old news. It's a movie about women, kicking butt, fighting ghosts and it's going to pave the way for female lead movies in the future. It certainly won't be ruining anyones childhoods.

Cya! xx


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  1. Glad to hear it was better than it looks in the trailer. I've not seen the original and haven't technically got any interest in the movie, but would think about seeing it to support the cast!

    Jane / deluminators

  2. I'm so sick of hearing everyone complain about this movie, I haven't seen it yet but from what I understand of it there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of the themes or gender roles! I'm glad you gave it a positive review and I look forward to seeing it soon.

    Kez | acaciasdreams.com

  3. ive read mixed reviews about this one, I wanna see it nonetheless.
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. Yup. I love how you've summed it up here! I personally was hella excited for it because I loved ALL of the women who were cast before the film anyway, and I love when my favourites work together. Also, I found the originals hella corny (but to be honest, the films are meant to be fun and a bit silly...I don't get why people act as though they are iconic in a way that changed the world...)

    And yup. I've seen the film twice...Kate McKinnon is bae. That action scene wa honestly the BEST thing - to the point where it's one of my favourite film moments in a loooong time. Also, I definitely wanna try and cosplay her to some extent if I go to a convention this year.

    Meg | Elmpetra

  5. While I'm not super invested in the Ghostbusters franchise I'm completely behind the fact that it's a female led movie. I'd never seen any of the old Max Max movies but I saw the new one on a plane and it was also female led and had a super feminist storyline and I thought it fucking ruled because of that.

    Firstly, enough remakes/reboots of childhood movies have been made that cries of "this is ruining my childhood" are a bit bullshit these days. If you don't like the idea, just don't watch the movie, but all I heard was people being excited about the new Jurassic Park, for example, so why would a new Ghostbusters ruin your childhood if it's not just because of the female leads? If the movie is going to have different characters and a different storyline to the original regardless, what difference does it make if you're following male or female characters? Why would female characters not do as good of a job at busting ghosts? Basically these crybaby dudes need to grow up and stop putting their opinions out into the world so much because they're just not as interesting or important as they think they are.

    Jessica - littlehenrylee.net


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