Coco the Ragdoll

2 August 2016

My little ragdoll had a rough start in life. While it's impossible to know exactly what her start was, it went somewhere along the lines of being born to a breeder, getting a little bit sick and then being abandoned in the gutter along with her brother. Both of her eyes were very inflamed and cloudy. Likely destined to be put down, they were both saved by a Sydney cat rescue called "Kittie Kat Rescue".

I had been browsing Pet every day, looking at all the fluffy cuties and wanting to adopt all of them. I kept sending photos to Josh but he just kept shaking his head. Not yet, not yet. I found a few different rescue groups on the website and went ahead and followed their pages on Facebook so I could keep updated with new kittens. 

This little baby had already been adopted out but appeared back on the page as due to adverse circumstances, she was returned. I spotted her immediately and messaged a photo to Josh while he was at work. So nervous because there was something about that little fluff ball. I knew she was perfect, he replied a few hours later, "I think she's the one!"

She was located a good two hours from where we lived now, but after many messages back and forth with the rescue we organised a time to meet her. What if we don't like the kitten? What if we love her and the rescue won't let us have her?? 

The meet went really well if you can tell from the photos above. You're meant to be told within the next 24 hours if you're allowed to adopt her but the lady was really happy with us right away. You can see that the little baby's eyes were still pretty bad here. Even though she was receiving treatment, she was around way too many other cats for it to heal properly, and without interference. 

We headed home, and started buying up supplies for when we brought home our little bundle of joy in a week's time. Neither of us had owned a cat before, both not too sure what we were in for when we got her either. 

We were so close to naming her Luna. Which has since been announced as the most popular female cat name of 2016. We eventually settled on the name Coco. Because it looks like her paws, face and ears have been dipped in cocoa basically. 

I did a lot of reading on kittens, determined to be the best cat mum ever. I bought "Kittens for Dummies" and read it while Josh drove us to pick Coco up. When we brought her home, we put the carrier down in the sanctuary room we had prepared for her. 

I'd read to put the carrier down, and sit quietly while the kitten slowly makes her way out and explores her surroundings. But nope, Coco leapt out before I'd barely unzipped the side of the carrier. Eager to start exploring! It wasn't much longer before she was curled up on our laps purring away loudly.

Coco is probably the best decision Josh and I have made. She is perfect, and suits our lifestyle wonderfully. Coco is an inside kitty and we are very careful that we don't accidentally let her out at all, as she is very fast and slippery. We would lose her in an instant!

She loves to play with her fishy on a stick, and is able to retrieve it through a hole in the bench when we store it away. She is constantly batting and leaping at my Golden Cane Palm, and pulling pebbles and rocks out of any other pot plant so that she can chase them around the house. She is a fussy eater most of the time, and you need to hang around the food bowl with her otherwise she will wander away. She does little farts sometimes, and occasionally if she gets a little fright. 

Coco loves to sleep at the end of our bed, leaping around when our feet move under the covers. If she notices that we're awake in the morning she will sashay up to our end of the bed and curl up in our arms or on our chest for extra naps. She is very well littered trained and has never missed though she does track litter everywhere somehow, even though I have a litter mat as well. 

Coco is the loudest purrer! She will wake you up with her loud purring. She loves people, even strange new ones. She is the softest thing in the entire world and we love it when she boops our faces with her face. I had written before why I should get a cat, and now I finally have my very own!

She is our little baby, we love her very much! In fact she's snoozing on my lap while I write this post. 

Donate to Kittie Kat Rescue! 
You'll be helping to feed and care for lots of rescued cat babies. Any amount will help! 


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  1. she is so precious! I'm so happy you chose to adopt and help a kitty that needed help! good for you :)
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Coco is beautiful, I'm so glad you finally were able to get your own kitty. Fur babies can definitely change your life for the better! Even with all you reading and preparation they can still surprise you every day!

    Kez |

  3. I've mentioned this beautiful, but I'll say it again; Coco is absolutely gorgeous, Tegan, and good on you for adopting! I'm all for adopting over buying. Also, cat paws and cat purrs are some of my favourite things in the world. <3


  4. She is absolutely gorgeous and adorable; so jealous! I've been wanting a kitten for agessss, so I can't wait to get out of rentals or at least into one that will let me have a pet. I also love that you got her from a rescue organisation, that's exactly where I plan to search for my little furry friend to xx.


  5. So lovely she warned to you so quickly! I love animals. They make such a positive impact in our lives. One of my bunnies is a gorgeous rescue bunny and it's been so great watching her transformation. She went from biting to only licking now! Such a treasure.

  6. She is absolutely beautiful. We just adopted a second rescue cat recently and it's been a bit of a challenge but hopefully he will settle in soon.

  7. These photos are amazing, and i love so much

  8. She's absolutely gorgeous. It's so lovely to read that she felt right at home with you both straight away! The little sentence about her farting made me giggle too, haha :-)

  9. Oh my gosh she is adorable! So glad to hear she's settling in well.

    Jane / deluminators

  10. Aww, that's so lovely that you got a cat! She's adorable and the story behind how you got her is great too. Although I'm not ready for the responsibility of having a pet just yet one day it's my dream to own a pair of dachshunds because they're my absolute favourite!

    Jessica -

  11. I know I've been on about it on instagram but again, so happy you found a lovely kitty for yourself (:
    Stefanie Meier | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin

  12. Coco is so cute and lucky to have parents as awesome as you two! We are so happy you decided to adopt, there are so many pets that are waiting for their forever homes and rescues are just the best!

    ISA Professional

  13. Coco is so beautiful and the fact that she jumped straight out of the carrier and explored the house is such a good sign. My youngest cat Nala took about three days to come out of the back of the wardrobe where she had holed herself up with my boyfriends clothes. Our other cat Belle probably wasn't helping out with the constant hissing!

    Sharni |


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