Housewarming Gift Ideas

18 October 2014

The date that I will be moving into my new home with my partner gets closer every day and only increases my excitedness. Especially as the date will more than likely be in January now! Just before we go away to America for a month.

When we are officially moved in and settled, we will more than likely have a housewarming party to show our friends and family our new place. Friends & family separately of course. Phew.

Obviously I'm not expecting anyone to give any gifts, and am not having the party to just get gifts. This is more just a general inspiration post and hey if you wanted to buy anything well here are some helpful suggestions. ;)

When it comes to house warming gifts, don't go too personal unless you know the person quite well. Don't buy anything too large, or too novelty. Nothing too ornamental like a ceramic cat that you think is soo cute, they may disagree. (Hey unless they collect ceramic cats)
If in doubt go for a giftcard. It's not as impersonal as you may think, and they'll at least be able to buy something they like.

I scoured Urban Outfitters and picked out 6 gifts under $50. And don't forget, my fellow Aussies, when you spend over $50, shipping is free! So pick up something for yourself while you're at it.

6 Piece Cocktail Glass Set $34 | Laboratory Flower Vases $24 | Home for Now Book $25 | Bottle Opener $18 | Cocktail Set $49 | Blithe & Bonnie Candle $18 |

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