emPOWERED - The Bag that Charges Your Phone!

20 February 2014

Okay I have been looking for a pretty black leather clutch for ages and ages. 
I wanted a rectangular zip up one that was chunky that I could just hold and tuck under my arm when I went anywhere, and I also didn't want it to have any stupid studs on it. 

EVERYTHING has studs on it these days guys. CALM DOWN. I'm not that punk rock.

Finally I found a variety of clutches, and different brands that were exactly what I wanted. But with the added bonus that they charge your phone! WHAT. 

As an avid social network user, and I love my foursquare too, my phone will die throughout the day, it's quite disappointing, especially as phones are often our main portable camera source these days. 

Unfortunately every single purse that charges your phone in every colour over every brand I could find was SOLD OUT. Yes. Incredibly ridiculous, but I ventured forward and put my name down for all of the nicest black ones.

I got my e-mail today though, with three colours available by emPOWERED and selling out fast! I'm not going to lie, in a week when I'm short on cash *kisses savings account* I didn't need this purchase.

*strokes pretty purse*

The handbags are $148 USD and with shipment to Australia at $29.95 USD it only got more depressing. The sale wasn't going through, I was panicking. I have the $180 in my account what more do you want. Oh yeah I am suppose to just convert the price myself to AUD and magically it came to a large $205.

They won't get shipped til the 17th of March but that's okay I can wait. They're quite large in size and also come with a detachable chain strap. I'll be mainly using mine as a clutch.

There is still some available for preorder so HURRY! Go here!!

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