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16 February 2014 Maitland NSW, Australia

The very best place to start.

Hello my name is Tegan. I'm 21 from an average sized town in Australia.
For a while I have run a tumblr called "Nifty & Crafty" that is mostly about sharing other blog's great DIYs and crafts and such, but I have decided to create a blogger to share some of my personal contributions. 

Before & During - Renovating my New Bedroom

So I'm starting at when I first moved into my new house with my family. I finally got my very own room that I could paint and decorate as I pleased. 

This was about a year ago now so I don't have any real before pictures, before we started with the painting or anything, but you can still see the ugly carpet that was there before it was replaced. 

I went with a really nice grey as a paint choice, and decided to paint all of the walls not just one as a bold choice which was exciting. 

Yuck creamy walls and vintage fan.
We were off to a good start. It took forever to tape all the edges! I really sucked at it as well...
My boyfriend was helping me, but it was a long process. Luckily one facebook post later and 7 friends came along to help. Roller and paint brush in hand, the rest of the walls and edges and tape were finished in no time. Thanks guys! 

We celebrated with pizza.

For an amateur job I was in love with the results!

I love the grey walls with the white edges and ceiling, it's my absolute favourite. I had to hurry up and finish with my painting because our lovely new plush charcoal carpet was being put in the next day. 

I have a lot of stuff.

Moving & unpacking is messy business as you can see. But look at that carpet! So lovely so plush!
My bookshelves are reflected in the mirrored closet, with a grey backing as well. I actually painted the backboard the same colour as my wall when I put the bookcase together. I like all my stuff against the nice grey rather than the bland old white of the bookshelves. I had to sand and primer the shiny backing before using a roller to paint on 2 coats of wall paint. Tada! 

Okay well that is all for now on my bedroom progress. It's come a long way since these photos were taken. I can't wait to show you the after results!

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