My Bedroom - Now

24 February 2014

I love saving up and buying things for my bedroom. I just love all homewares and furniture. I enjoy decorating my room so much, I just cannot wait to have an entire apartment or house to furnish.

 All of the main items in my room I have saved up and paid for myself, my family can't afford my constantly changing furniture and decor styles and they shouldn't have to.

The largest item that was a gift in my room is my iMac that I got for my 21st. (Thanks Dad!) I also put everything together myself! Bookshelves, desk, tv stand and shelves, bedside tables, desk chair. I did get help with my bed though. Those pesky slats, this bed has a kind of ribcage set of slats and boy are they tricky.

I have a bit of trouble taking photos of my room as the light is so bright from the wrong side of the room creating large shadows. My camera isn't that fantastic either. 

I have a huge mirrored closet taking up one whole wall of my room. It houses all of my clothing, shoes, and other assorted items likes bags, beauty & hair stuff, and accessories etc. I'm not sure what I would do without it.

My double bed has grey sheets and a reversible duvet cover. I've gone through more duvets than anyone I know, at least 7 just on a double bed, and I got that 2 years ago! So indecisive. My lion sits there, his name is Archie and he's from the Melbourne Zoo.

My bedside table has a large industrial lamp that occasionally makes zappy sounds, an octopus ornament (hidden by pillow) an owl gifted to me by my boyfriend's parents, a fake plant in a ceramic pot from IKEA and a bedside dream journal.

My bookshelf is awfully cluttered right now but I love it all the same, it has quite a variety of things apart from just books of course. 4 teapots, 2 dinosaurs, an octopus, a terrarium, a world globe, a tin full of 3 types of tea and a teacup, an iPad, 4 owls not including the teapot owl, a Chinese lucky cat, a London bus and teddy, an iPad, penguin salt and pepper shakers, self painted Pikachu, box of favourites, photos of me and my boyfriend, faux lavender, a red skittle candle and a coconut & lime candle, a poodle money box, 2 sets of coasters and a bottle of True Blood! Phew. I will definitely declutter when I move out. 

My desk would have to be my favourite area. I looove my 2 pieces of art the faux deer head (Jeffrey) and my Batman print. (of which the backing is crumpling -_-) My iMac, 2 mason jars for stationary, I have a wolf mousepad, moon phases as coasters, a little fox and deer ornament, and my owl photo wire that has a cool owl wearing a suit, photos of me and my partner as well as a cute card from him. 

Special mention to my Frankie Calendar on the far left which was a gift, it is gorgeous and my favourite calendar that I've come across. 

The last side, my lovely TV, Playstations, and TV boxsets that I have way too many of. 

Your bedroom should definitely be a place that makes you feel good to be in. And I love being in mine. It's my very own personalised space. 

Thanks for having a look at my space! If you have posts that have your room in them I would love to check them out too! You can link them in the comments. xx


  1. Hi Tegan, love your bedroom, especially the desk. I love flowers at my table too, they're lovely aren't they? :) And I love that its white and simple. You have great organisation skills :)

  2. Just discovered your blog and I love it! Love that Batman drawing of the girl. Did you draw it?

  3. Oooh your little desk area looks great! I love it! I wish I had room for a desk in my bedroom.

    xx Kathryn

    1. It was a really good size for my bedroom, I actually just sold it this morning! haha x


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