Payday Wishlist 5/3

5 March 2014

I have a much smaller collection of stuff for my wishlist this week.
Does this mean I'm growing as a person and wanting less?

I probably just need to look at more magazines.

Here's the list.

1. Sleeping Wooden Owl Earrings // Ginger Pickle
These super cute earrings laser cut from birch plywood only fuel my cute owl addiction. 

2. Batman Arkham Knight PS4 // EB Games
This baby was announced earlier today, to be released late 2014. I was super disappointed that the newest Batman game was released at similar times to the PS4 but not on the new console. The days of sadness have ended, batman is coming. 

3. Mink Pink Night Cat Sunglasses // ASOS
I want the glam of black but also cat eye sunglasses. I feel like this greatly captures both. 

4. Lavish Alice Playsuit // ASOS
I need this in my life. This structured playsuit with contrast collar is in a lovely shade pastel blue, almost a pale lilac. I can never go past a sweet playsuit and with those shoulders and that collar. It pains me. 

Hope you're having a good week! 
- Tegan xx

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