Payday Wishlist

2 April 2014

I decided to change wishlist wednesday to my payday wishlist instead. Also as I only get paid once per fortnight, the wishlist will correspond to that. Hopefully I will actually be able to follow through with that then.

1. Motel Wild Daisy Black Print High Waisted Bikini

I really want me some high waisted swimwear. I know it's heading into colder weather now here in Australia but these are still lovely. 

2. Bags Packed Striped Mini Dress

I really like this dress, and want it, but at the same time everyone seems to have it! I work in a shopping mall and I see so many dress doppelgängers walking around everyday.

3. Motel Folly Tropical Hawaii Crop Top

I need to start moving away from summer fashion. But this pattern is wonderful. 

4. Hex Spora Ceramic Cup

These are beautiful! A bit pricey for each one, but kind of worth it for how beautiful your succulents and cacti will look. 

5. Roy Lichtenstein Poster

This is wonderful. I want this in my house. 

6. Curiouser & Curiouser Candle Holder

You could even use the little glass candle part for a plant or a little fish. If that's not too cruel to the fish. 

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