Winter Wardrobe Clean Out!

21 May 2014

It's easy to let your wardrobe get away from you reasonably quickly. You think that you've got it all under control and suddenly it's just overflowing with clothing, and mostly it's things that you never even wear.

The seasons have changed yet again and the weather is much colder. Though really it's still pretty warm in Australia, but colder overall. I thought that meant it was about time to clean a whole bunch of clothes out again. Here's my mostly foolproof system on how to thin out your wardrobe. It does require you being a bit tough on yourself so having a buddy to help make the final call on some items always helps. Unless they're telling you to get rid of it just so they can grab a freebie!

Most of my clothes are hanging. I have all shirts and tops hanging on the right side on the top level rack, and underneath it on the bottom level rack I have all coats/sweaters/cardigans. On the left side racks I have dresses and then shoes parked underneath. And in the middle of both racks I have 8 drawers that go, underwear, socks + bras, shorts, singlets/long sleeve shirts, trackies & leggings, swimwear, jeans and finally pyjamas! 

If you don't have any sort of organisation going on, then wow how do you function. But this isn't what this post is about so do your best. 

1. First Run Through

I start with my racked items and I flick through and take out anything that I just don't like any more. Don't put too much thought into it. Pick it up and if you wonder "Oh why do I have this?" then take it out. 

2. Go through everything again but slower

How exciting. Start again, this is the part where you have to be tough. Pick up every item. Consider when the last time you wore it was. Did you think that it looked really good when you wore it or was it kind of an ehh sort of thing?

Even if you wore it recently is it something that you really want to keep?
Your wardrobe buddy comes in handy here with their opinion on whether something should stay or go.

Don't be afraid to say goodbye to things, sometimes it seems like it will be tough at the time but you will be alright.

3. Prep Your Wardrobe for Further Cleaning Out

The final and probably best step is this, turn around all your coat hangers so that they are facing the other (wrong/opposite) direction. As you wear something, turn the coat hanger around to the right way again so that you know that that item is something you actually wear. I turned everything around in my closet. Obviously this trick doesn't work for folded items.

At the end of Winter it will be clear which winter items really don't get worn. I'll be able to get rid of a bunch of jumpers and jackets and winter dresses etc that I haven't worn. Remember when the time comes to check all your clothes, be tough and accept which ones really need to go.

What to do with all your leftover clothes?

Your local thrift shop or St Vinnies always loves donations, or you can even have a go selling your clothing either online on websites like eBay or at car boot/garage sales.

Good Luck!


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