2015 Frankie Diary + Calendar !

14 August 2014

These two beauties are now available for preorder through the Frankie Website.

An annual release, that sell out with great speed, way before the new year even begins. It's no wonder, with both illustrated and designed by wonderful artists, both pieces are something to cherish for the entire year.

The calendar can be preordered here, and will be delivered early October.

The 2015 Diary can be preordered here, and will also be sent out early October.

But hey if you decide not to preorder, or just leave it super late, you can always buy one from eBay next year for a bit over double the price. That's right, these babies selling out is annual occurence so much so that people use them as an investment.

I've already ordered my calendar! I cherish the one that I have this year and plan to keep a few pages to frame once the year is done.

Cya x

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