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28 October 2014

The countdown is on, it's not long now until I can start moving stuff into my new place. In fact the current tenants, my partner's sister & her new husband, are moving out on the 1st of November into their new home.

Our brand new beautiful lounge is getting delivered to the townhouse on the 7th, which is super exciting. Unfortunately we are no longer getting floorboards put into the house, but on the upside that means we don't have to wait for any renovations to finish before we start moving furniture in.

I'm no stranger to pinterest, and I have been pinning many many ideas for our new home. One of the sections I was super interested in styling was our entryway. After seeing so many beautiful entryways online, like this one;

I love it! It's beautiful, and functional. Plus don't you just love that door!

The entryway of the townhouse poses a different challenge as the front door is at the beginning of a short but narrow hallway, with the staircase on one side, and a small portion of wall where the is another door, leading in from the garage. (photos of the space to come!)

Guests will be mostly using the front door while Josh & I would most likely be going through the garage door. So I started searching for some inspiration on especially narrow entryways, and how people have styled them, so that they don't take up too much space but so they still work well.

Photo from Happy Interior Blog

Photo from Nordic Days
Photo from Apartment Therapy
Photo from Elisabeth Heier

Notice anything familiar? Everyone has discovered the amazingness of IKEA's shoe cabinets. These babies are perfect for hallways and entryways because of how narrow they are! That one above only has a depth of 17cm! They are meant for shoes but you can realistically store anything you like in there.

I'm sold! So here's my current wishlist of things to create a great entryway. I can't wait to start shopping!

  1. Bandit Girl Print - Something that I actually already own and love, the print would look great in a black frame propped on top of the shoe cabinet. 
  2. Hemnes Shoe Cabinet - Can store at least 8 pairs of shoes, works as a perfect entryway table and is both narrow enough to fit in the hallway as well as being functional by storing our shoes.
  3. IKEA Wall Rail - While I'm not 100% set on this specific one, we would like some hooks to put next to our shoe cabinet, to hang any bags or coats on. 
  4. Dachshund Letter Organiser - This cutie can sit on the cabinet and keep track of our mail. 
  5. Shoes Off Mat - Both functional, amusing and good advice. This will go on the outside of the door, but still is technically for the entryway. 
  6. Stave Mirror - It will be the only full length mirror downstairs, and come on, sometimes you need to double check your appearance before you walk out the door.
  7. Stay Awhile Wall Hook - Perfect to hang both of our keys from, the text is relevant to an entryway and the gold cursive is very pretty. My favourite key hook that I've come across. 
  8. IKEA Artificial Plant - The final piece, a cute plant in a pretty pot, to sit alongside everything else. 

I can't wait until I can start purchasing everything and setting it all up!

Cya! xx

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  1. Love Love Love that very first pic you featured! That hexagonal mirror is divine! I can't wait to see what you do with your new apartment! F x


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